First Post!

Well, I finally got off my figurative duff (figurative, because I am currently sitting on said duff to type this post) and started my crafty blog. It’s meant to document my learning process, hits and misses, and whatever else I feel like smushing in here. I’ve never used wordpress before, so I’m expecting a lot of silly makes and some glitches before I figure this baby out.

In order to get this baby started off right, I’ve decided to join Karen of Did You Make That?’s  Apronalong!
I’m using a different pattern than Karen- McCall’s M5358, view B. It’s the one with all the ruffles, doncha know. I’ve got some fun cupcake-covered fabric that is just screaming finally to be used. FABRIC, YOUR TIME HAS COME.
I’ve actually got two other projects in the works- one that’s finished and one still in progress. The problem is, they’re gifts for others, and if those others read this, surprise ruined! So they shall have to wait.

My schedule is oftentimes erratic, so I can’t promise to post several times weekly, but I’m hoping for one post a week, even if it’s just a small update on a UFO. What I CAN promise are mediocre projects, crappy photography, and lots of casual swearing. So if anyone besides me is reading this, welcome and thanks for stopping by!

English: A black kitten at full sun against a ...

English: A black kitten at full sun against a white background. Porto Covo, Portugal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please enjoy this random photo of a kitten.

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