Verily, I do believe that Satin must be the Devil’s own creation

Working on Nugget’s dress for the past couple of days and HOLY CRAP that satin shreds. I had no idea. Perhaps I should have, but as a n00b, I can’t be expected to know it all just yet. But YIKES.Image

Like, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? There is no way to stop it. No way the frays can be contained. It’s a damn nightmare! SO, I guess next time Nugget wants a dress, I’ll let her have the flannel Princess and the Frog fabric that she picks.

This fabric is the WORST.

I also had what I’m referring to as a “series of misadventures” regarding the bodice. I got done, saw the left strap was “stuck” in the seam due to a pinning/sewing error, and picked it out. It took forever! The unpicking is a large part of the reason the top edges are so frazzled. Anyhoodle, I get done fixing the left strap, and notice it’s longer than the right. Well, I shorten it to match. THEN, and ONLY THEN, do I notice that the right strap is also stuck in the seam, and has been since the beginning. Insert Charlie Brown-style “ARGH”…..*here.* So I fix that one, but now the straps may be too short. At this point,  I’m just going to see how it goes, and if they’re too short, I’ll remove them and use ribbons to make the top a halter-style tie. INVENTIONISM.

Have also finished my top-secret project for a friend, so now I just need to mail it so she gets it so I can show it off. Kapowza!

Till next time…:-D


3 thoughts on “Verily, I do believe that Satin must be the Devil’s own creation

  1. Maybe not stay-stitching, but a zigzag stitch at the edge would’ve done the job. I think stay-stitching is more for keeping things from stretching out if you’re cutting in the bias? Must look this up! I definitely dropped the ball somewhere, though.

  2. One of the things we used to do in Ballet was we would singe the ends of the satin used to tie our pointe shoes. That would melt the satin and keep the fray at bay. Not sure you want to do that to a fabric you are going to wear not on your feet though.

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