I like to think of myself as a cheetah…A law enforcement cheetah.

So, YAY, my friends got the baby gift I sent to them! Woot woot! I made Cody and Eric’s little potato a baby blanket inspired by Handmade Jane‘s baby blanket. I used flannel on both sides, instead of fleece on one, because fleece is made from recycled plastic and doesn’t breathe- just fine if baby is supervised, but this way is a little safer in case baby gets wrapped up for sleep at night. I also added a satin blanket binding- I biffed the last corner because I didn’t watch the complete tutorial– D’oh! Sorry, Cody and Eric’s potato! (They don’t call him that, but I do. I think it’s cute.)


I got all the materials at Joann’s- the front is a quilt-look duck and stripes print, the back is green crossy-check things (technical term.) I’m hoping baby will love it! Hopefully he’ll drag it all around behind him, sleep with it, and drool and puke all over it. Ultimate in babe love!

In other news, Nugget’s dress is going ok! I think I need a new zipper- I purchased a baby pink one, but it won’t work because the fabric is more purple-y than I remember. Not too much more to do until it’s finished! Eek, excitement! If it doesn’t fit her, I’ll just explode.

In other-other news, two friends of mine and I are having a crafty party tomorrow evening! Shall I work on my apron for the Apronalong, Nugget’s dress, or continue on with my Mustard Love 1930s sweater? SO MANY OPTIONS.

The Hubs is out of town this week for work, meaning I get to eat much shittier food than normal and watch crappy TV that he wouldn’t tolerate. What do you like to do when your SO is out of town?

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