Have you ever HAD skittles? They’re, like, pure sugar!

Work on the Nugget’s dress moves apace. I’m actually almost finished with it- it’s far from perfect, but I think the Nugget will enjoy it. The zipper is in, the inside is completed. I’m just working on some finishing details, including…`Ribbon Roses! Sorry the rose is off-center in the photo. I’m still working on my photography skills….and this thing rolled around a lot. I used this tutorial on youtube- it’s not so hard! It’s not perfect, but I think it’s pretty cute. I’m going to put them on the bodice, near the straps. The pattern has pieces in it so you can make your own flowers from the fabric, but I bought a roll of this here plummy ribbon to put on the hem of the overskirt. There’s plenty left, and the color looks good with the dress, so I decided to see if I could do something with it. Woot! I plan to make a few different sizes and play around with arrangements.

AND NOW, what I’ve been waiting to reveal- the awesome potholder I made for my friend Marni (aka The Doctor <like from Star Trek: Voyager.>) She made me a very awesome bracelet and matching earrings a while back, so I decided to do something Star-Trek related for her (we are part of a small group of uber-nerds who REALLY enjoy Voyager, and we have all taken on a Voyager character’s name. I’m B’Elanna, as decided by The Doctor and Neelix, because my nickname MacStabby makes me sound tough. 😉  ) I decided on this potholder I found on ravelry, and I made it in the Doctor’s uniform colors of blue-ish greeny and black. It can be seen on my ravelry page as well.

Mr. Bojangles is helping to show off the potholder.

This was my first attempt with double-knitting. I had to frog it after I was about 8 rows in and start over, because I had some mistakes. After that, though, it finally *clicked* about how to switch the colors back and forth. Once I figured it out, no big deal! Easy peasy!

The reverse side

Have you tried anything new lately?

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12 thoughts on “Have you ever HAD skittles? They’re, like, pure sugar!

  1. Hahaha nice! I don’t knit but I will get me a knitting machine *one day*. I’m getting into grading, bought a really cute (single size) mod mini-dress pattern to practice on. If it sucks at least I won’t waste *much* fabric. XD

      • I’ve been procrastinating but have my books out today. It’s actually not that hard-I do it on multi-sized magazine patterns all the time (LMB, Patrones, Burda, not Knipmode any more because they started including my size from 2009-one of my main reasons for loving ’em). The problem (as I see it) starts when you’re using a single size pattern drafted in an unfamiliar unit of measurement (Imperial-my nemesis) with weird size stages. Luckily I (accidentally/ unknowingly) bought an Imperial grading textbook (back when I had no idea people still used Imperial on a daily basis-I blissfully assumed it was Metric and was flabbergasted when I saw 3/16).

    • I’ve never heard of backward knitting- I had to look it up! It looks interesting, but as a leftie who already knits in a somewhat mental fashion, I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet!

      • It’s really handy if you’re doing short rows. I’m making a 10 stitch blanket so it’s really handy for that.

        In hoping to get my gauge close enough to turning so I can try it on my next pair of socks.

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