I’m in five gangs now. I started two. I started the Kitties and the Grape Slushies.

The day has finally arrived! The day of the Apronalong going live! Okay, technically it went live YESTERDAY, but Karen has thoughtfully given a grace period to those of us who were running, erm, to the wire. I actually made almost the ENTIRE thing yesterday. I kept putting it off last week, saying, “Oh, I’ll do it this day,” and then NOT doing it. I almost called this page “Procraftination” for that very reason. And then I meant to make it Saturday, I swears I did, but The Hubs needed to clean the back room of our apartment, and I couldn’t very well get in his way, could I? Of course not! So yesterday, it finally happened. Here’s a close-up of the finished product…

CHECK THAT SHIZZ OUT! Three, count ’em, THREE types of rick-rack. Oh yeah, baby. I https://crafternoonnap.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=97&action=editwasn’t holding back on this puppy.

So, as I’ve put in previous posts, I made McCall’s M5358, view B. I wanted a full-coverage apron, as when I cook, bake, and clean, I tend to splatter. I didn’t add a ruffle to the bottom (using the rick-rack as embellishment instead) and I forewent (is that the past-tense of “forego?”) the ruffles on the shoulder straps, and the pockets. I know pocket-enthusiasts will be up in arms, but I just don’t use them when I’m doing things that require aprons.

One thing I’m trying to do is learn to be patient and take my time with the details as I go through my sewing projects. I’m very much an instant-gratification person (which goes poorly for me, as I sew, knit, etc. very slowly), and it leads to both sloppiness and not enjoying the process of DOING since I’m in such a hurry for the result. I can say that I really took my time on some of the details (that rick-rack did NOT go on quickly!) and enjoyed myself the whole way through. I even narrow-hemmed the crap out of those ties. Oh yeah, I did. Time for a full-view….

Whew! Wife-ing is hard work!

Oh my, you seem to have caught me in the midst of pretending to bake! How embarassing! 😉

All that work…Time for a drink!

Thanks to Karen for hosting this Apron sew-along. I feel like it really kick-started my creativity and I hope to keep creating now that I’ve re-tasted how much fun it is!

Also, big ups to The Hubs for being my photographer today. Baby, you da bomb. MWAH!

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6 thoughts on “I’m in five gangs now. I started two. I started the Kitties and the Grape Slushies.

    • Honestly, it’s still kind of shameful. The Room itself is mostly cleaned up, but some of the stuff still needs to be organized, and has thus trickled into the living room, leaving a thin layer of Shame over parts of the floor. It’s a process!

  1. Oh I hear you with the instant gratification! Particularly if its a pattern I haven’t knitted before, I just want to get to the end and know how it turns out.
    Taking my time and fixing mistakes is something that I’m learning.

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