When two dynamic people get together, it’s like a whole lot of dynamite.

Well it’s been a couple weeks since I posted but I was interviewing for residency and furiously working on finishing my 3 Hour sweater.  (The pencil-skirt sew-along has taken a backseat for now.) I’m using modifications from Ravelry user Foxfire. The directions were pretty easy to follow- the few derps I had were totally of my own doing.

I was doing SO WELL when I first started it, but after I got down to the body, I got bored. It sat for several months over the summer, until I finally decided I wanted to be able to wear the damn thing while it was still fall. I finished it on this past Wednesday and blocked it on Thursday whilst at my MIL’s. The first few pictures are from my iPod touch, so the quality is a bit less than my camera.

Before blocking

I wasn’t sure how to block acrylic (this is Vanna White’s line that you can find at Joann’s.) I found this tutorial. Apparently, acrylic yarn needs to be steam-blocked. I pinned this puppy to within an inch of its life and went to town with my MIL’s steamer. An iron with a steam setting will work as well, so I’ll be able to do this at home. I had these funny poochy parts that looked like elephant ears on the sides of the sweater- here, I had them pinned in, but I took them out and steamed them in what I hope is the proper configuration.


It’s far from perfect, but a lot of the wonky parts have gotten smoothed out. I didn’t have a lot of luck weaving in my ends in a way that is inconspicuous, but I was trying to finish the sweater the “right” way, and not just tie knots and chop the ends off.

Close up of the button

I used a yellow-ish, clear-ish plastic button in the shape of a flower from my MIL’s extensive collection of buttons (she has about three tins FULL of them.) I couldn’t get this darn photo to rotate around…

Anywho, I got to wear the sweater today when The Hubs and I went to see “Skyfall.” Hooray for James Bond! Daniel Craig is dreamy! Judi Dench is amazing! Javier Bardem’s wig is a masterclass in Awfulness! And I only had a Sad Feel ONCE. I highly recommend it.

On the whole, I’m happy with how it turned out. It’s only the second sweater I’ve ever made. The first was for The Hubs when we were dating (the Stitch n Bitch Skully sweater, with the Punisher logo on it instead. He’s never worn it, but we got married, so the maybe the curse is backwards somehow?) and I made it like 8 years ago.

Anywho, back to THIS sweater- I didn’t use the short-rows necessary for bustiness, and I think that was a good choice. I’ve got these funny flaps on the sides though.

Funny side pouches

I’m not quite sure what to do with them. I feel like the sweater doesn’t “need” them, because I don’t need the extra fabric for my size…but do I just leave it? Do I take the sweater in from the inside? If I do, what then- do I leave the extra fabric, or cut it off? Sew it up with yarn as if I knitted it in two pieces, or use my sewing machine? For a future make, would decreasing more at the sides help with this issue? Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated!

So, first big knit project for myself completed! It’s on my Ravelry page, but most of the photos are the same as here. The knitting bug is back in full force- I’ve got yarn to make a Miette cardigan, but I’m currently furiously working on a Christmas stocking to match the one I made my husband. I’d like to get back to my pencil skirt, but I don’t see the point of forcing myself to make it if I’m not feeling it- it’ll get done, but just whenever I get my lazy butt around to it!

Have you completed a new project lately?

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4 thoughts on “When two dynamic people get together, it’s like a whole lot of dynamite.

  1. Wow! So cute! I love the puffed sleeves. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in the knitting world, so my sweater making experience is dated. I would think that taking it in from the inside w/o cutting it would be the easiest thing to do – if it doesn’t look right, you can undo it w/o any permanent damage (vs. cutting it). Miss you!

  2. That looks awesome! Agreed that a project is not worth doing if you’re not feeling it, especially if it’s only for yourself.

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