Makin’ it Rain…Blogging Awards!

Heya folks!

So, it was a nice, restful week, and I’m working on catching up on all that’s happened in the past month. Y’all were a busy crew, I can see! ๐Ÿ™‚ So many lovely projects were completed that I don’t know how I’ll resist skipping work to stay home and finish my pencil skirt, haha.

Anywho, like a bajillion years ago, (or right before I left for Belize), the adorable Sonja of GingerMakes nominated me for three, count ’em THREE, awards. Shucks, I felt all bashful! And then, right before I left Belize to come home, Lara over at LaraInStitches nominated me for the Liebster Award. What on earth did I do to deserve such riches? ๐Ÿ™‚

So here are my treaties for writing a lil ole blog that I didn’t think anyone would read:

liebsterblogaward one-lovely-blog-award premio very-inspiring-blogger-award-2The Liebster Award is for those with less than 200 followers, and the Premio Award is for those who comment on other blogs. The Very Inspiring Blogger and the One Lovely Blog awards are just nice. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyhoodle, you’re supposed to follow all these insane rules for the Liebster (which I WILL follow) and nominate 11 people for that, and like 7 people apiece for the other three. There was no way I could think of that many different people in a short span of time, so I’m cheating. Everyone’s getting ALL TEH AWARDZ, except for the one who’s got over 200 followers. Suck it, rules!

SO, for the Liebster requirements-

11 Random Facts About Me (ughhhhhhhhhh)

1. I’ve been married to my HS sweetheart for 8.5 years, because I’m a dork like that.

2. I don’t like to drink red wine, because it makes my face flush and stuffs up my sinuses.

3. I have two undergraduate degrees in two VERY different fields because I was very undecided about Life Choices.

4. Wayne’s World 1 and 2 and all the Back to the Future movies are in my frequent movie-viewing rotation.

5. I read a lot of YA books, and lots of sci-fi and fantasy genre novels.

6. I am not a patient crafter, and have been known to rip stuck fabric out of my machine, throw it at the wall, and burst into tears.

7. I have a 5 year old niece who’s pretty much the most amazing person on the planet.

8. When The Hubs and I move, we hope to have a garden full of tasty veggies (the one we have now is SO small). Eventually, we’d like a hobby farm- I want chickens!

9. I’m not super well-traveled, but I’ve got big plans! It might take a few years to get to all the places, though.

10. I’m graduating from school AGAIN in May, and I’m pretty freakin’ stoked about it.

11. I DID NOT get scabies, worms, or traveler’s diarrhea whilst in Belize. I WIN, BELIZE. I WIN.

Gah! That was difficult.

Lara’s Questions for her Nominees

1. I referenced this when I answered Triceโ€™s question regarding a trip back in time. For you Whovians out there โ€“ would you prefer to the Doctor with the Sonic Screw Driver, or the companion? Or worded in a different way; would you rather be Sherlock Holmes or Dr Watson? I’d rather be WATSON, because you can have the smarts without the drug use. Sherlock is awesome, but totally cray-cray.

2. What is your strangest quirk? I asked my husband this, and he said my tail. Ugh. Boys. I can’t think of my “strangest,” but one that I do is when I get nervous, I started flicking my first two fingers together rapidly, until they hurt. And I keep doing it anyways!

3. Do you have a super pet peeve and where do you think it developed from?
Currently, it’s people sucking their teeth. It started because the Hubs told me I have been doing that a lot, and in trying to stop, I noticed that fucking everybody does it! Gawl!

4. What is the strangest food you have ever been introduced to? Um…I’m not sure! The strangest one recently was maybe hudut, a garifuna food I ate in Belize.

5. You have a hobby yes? More than likely sew? Yes? Well, I want to know what part about this hobby do you hate the most? You love this activity, you have an amazing time, but there is just one part you really wish you could avoid. What is that? I am so curious to know these kinds of things!


6. Do you prefer to buy generic or brand name? Even indie brands.

Generic. I’m a mega cheapskate.

7. Do you prefer to go shopping via the internet or the actual sales location?

It depends what I’m shopping for- certain clothes and shoes I need to try on, and at least searching for books is easier in a store, but damn, Amazon sure is convenient!

8. What is the hardest part and easiest part of blogging for you?

Hardest part is motivating myself just to write the posts sometimes. I want to have somewhat substantive content (for me) and I don’t want this to turn into a vanity project. Easiest part….thinking up post titles?

9. Do you have any tips to offer to other apsiring bloggers and writers/crafters/people?

Just get off your duff and do it! I waited for MONTHS to finally start, and I’m so glad I did!

10. Do you have an accent into relation where you are from? Say, southern if youโ€™re from the south. The like.

My Midwestern accent kicks in with certain words, but it’s usually not too bad! The Hubs lets me know right quick if I’ve said something funny.

11. What is your favorite snack to nibble on?

Depends on my mood! I usually prefer savory to sweet, but I’m also trying to eat healthier…I really like Nacho Cheese Doritos *hangs head in shame*

My 11 questions for my Nominees:

1.This is a repeat from one that Lara answered, but I would have asked it anyways-

What is a favorite book or series that you can read over and over?

2. If you could live in a fictional place (from a novel or series), where would you live?

3. What’s your favorite vacation spot?

4. How long have you been sewing, knitting, etc? Who taught you?

5.What song or album can always put you in a good mood?

6. What is one big thing you hope to accomplish this year?

7. Favorite movie of all time, that you can watch over and over?

8. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

9.ย  What is your favorite James Bond movie, and why? Who is your favorite Bond? (If you say Timothy Dalton, you’re dead to me.)

10. What is your favorite sport to watch? If you could DO any sport that you can’t do now, what would it be and why?

11.Do you think you currently have the skills needed to survive the zombie apocalypse?

OK. NOW. Here are my nominees for all the awards!

Petty Grievances (except for the Liebster; she’s got over 200 followers. Go you!)

Bobbins and Whimsy

Miss Parayim

Country Girl Couture

Sew Squirrel




Cuckoo Chanel

Creative Pixie

Garment Farmer

Well, that’s it! No photos today, but gorramit, sometimes I’m just lazy. And answering and asking all those questions was hard (but fun!) Thanks for the nominations, Sonja and Lara! I’m so pleased that people are enjoying my blog!


16 thoughts on “Makin’ it Rain…Blogging Awards!

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  3. I have a guilty lovin’ for those nacho Doritos as well. I can go through one of those big bags all by myself right quick!

    And I am so, so sorry I just now got to see your post! WordPress went wonkers on my account so I have a lot of catching up to do, but I loved your answers! Haha. I mean, Sherlock is pretty koo-koo, but that is why we love him and his ways, I think!

  4. Well, that’s a given. ;D Haha. And I just realized I had used an exclamation point for every sentence, except one. I am so sorry for being shouty. Haha.

    And I think Hollywood has given us many lovely version of Mister Sherlock to ponder over. ๐Ÿ˜€ thank you, Hollywood!

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