I’m not insane! My mother had me tested!

Not a whole lot going on in the crafting world for me lately- I’ve been on a rotation that is MUCH more mentally draining that I had anticipated, so things have been going slowly. I *have* been doing some knitting almost every day (but it’s slow going because I’m pretty sure I’m the world’s slowest knitter). I’ve been working on the Miette cardigan in a really pretty peacock blue color.

DSC03949I’m not sure if the design near the edges is going to look right, as I’m not entirely sure if I’m doing some of the stitches properly, but meh. We’ll see how it goes. At least the act of knitting soothes my harried soul at the end of a hard day.

I’ve also purchased and cut out the fabric for lining my pencil skirt. I realllllllly wanted yellow, but all (the TWO) kinds of yellow lining fabric at Joann’s made my skin crawl when I touched them, so I went for red. I asked the Hubs to wash it for me whilst I was at work one day so I could cut when I got home. I came home to this–>

DSC03945It’s a hard to see photo, but I think you can see the splotches on the material (my cutting board is the plaid bits you can see through). They weren’t there before the washing, so I’m not sure what happened. The washing machines in our apartment building are always suspect, but who knows. It’s just the lining, so I’m not super concerned; more like mildly annoyed.

The only other thing I’ve done has been mending some pants using Suzannah’s tutorial on mending jeans. I know what you’re thinking- “WHOA, MacStabby, this shit is TOO EXCITING.” Hey man, you chose to get on this train- you can’t just get off because the ride is a little bumpy.

Anywho, these are my crummy Old Navy jeans-

DSC03951Can you handle this? There’s no going back now.

I also fixed two pairs of the Hubs’ pants.

DSC03955Look at this! He seems to routinely blow out the crotches of his jeans. He only wears these really old ones around the house or up at his parents’ land when he’s like, moving dirt with a tractor or whatever, so it doesn’t matter that the color doesn’t match. Speaking of not matching, for his second pair of pants-

DSC03957PURPLE. But see the other parts that were patched by his mom (using denim patches, not the method I used). He has literally blown out all four cardinal directions in the crotch of these pants. Da fuq? Anybody else’s Dood have this problem, or is he magically destroying these pants in some mysterious way?

Anywho, he’s probably good for another 10,000 miles now, so GO ME.

In closing, here is a picture of Mr. Bojangles looking cranky-pantsy.



7 thoughts on “I’m not insane! My mother had me tested!

  1. You’ve reminded me about all the mending I need to do to my Bloke’s pants. Well actually I’m reminded because I strategically put in on top of my knitting basket to remind me.
    Problem is I’ve now stopped using my knitting basket because of all the mending that’s blocking the way- so my stash is now spread all over the living room.

    Probably should get on that.
    This has been a rambling comment courtesy of Beks who procrastinates.

  2. Yeah, my mister is ALWAYS doing this… I always thought that this was because he insists on wearing jeans that are far too big for him!

    This blog post is totally reminding me that sometimes you just need to do a little bit of fixing and sorting, and that sewing is not just about making new outfits from new material! I have a massive bag of clothing that either needs fixing or refashioning, but I never do anything with any of it! I’m definitely going to have serious declutter soon, so I should really go through it!

    The colour of your Miette is gorgeous! Literally my favourite colour!

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