It’s like a party in my mouth, and everyone’s throwing up.

Hiiiiiii everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick!)

This last weekend was a good friend’s wedding, as I mentioned in my last post. I made a flowery-fascinator-thing. It seemed appropriate since it’s FINALLY acting like spring. I just used a couple of purple flowers I picked out at Joann’s, some felt for the base, and a barrette with grippies on the clip (for my fine, slippery hair.) Here’s how it turned out.

006 008I was really happy with how it turned out. It was easy as hell to put together- I used hot glue and it only took about 20 minutes. I used these tutorials for some ideas on how to put it together. I didn’t use any feathers because I was going for a more garden, spring-like thing, I guess.

009Please ignore the state of our apartment- we’re house-hunting, and I’ve basically given up the ghost on trying to keep this place organized.

010I got a few compliments on my fascinator, which is always nice when people don’t know in advance that it’s me-made. 🙂 On the bargain-hunting side of things (and I know many of my readers are thrifty shoppers!)- this dress is one my MIL bought on clearance but didn’t like, so it went to me. Woot! It’s by HHHHennifer Lopeth (South Park again, anyone? Bueller?) and looks good with purple fleurs.

I’ve been (slowly, per usual) working on the dress in little fits and starts.  I sewed down the lining of the bodice, and now I just have to hem in order to wear it. I’ll be doing that soon since I’ve only got 9 days till graduation, eek! I’m hoping my MIL will teach me to use her serger so I can do the seams- I’ve never done it and I’d like to learn.

How are YOUR projects going? Or are you spending lots of lovely time outside (for northern hemisphere folks) now that it’s finally nice outside?


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