Not a crafty post

Just a little update- I totally finished another dress! It’s super cute. No time for pictures yet though, with house stuff and residency coming up.

I’ve been mega-active on twitter lately- NOT about crafty stuff. There’s been a lot of pretty terrible stuff happening in the US and I’ve been tweeting and retweeting like crazy- hopefully you’ll stick around through it, and skim past it if it doesn’t follow your beliefs. I recently (5 minutes ago) protected my tweets so trolls can’t get to me, so you’ll have to be authorized to follow. Don’t let that stop you! When all this calms down, I’ll be back to tweeting crafty stuff, trying to be funny, and retweeting my favorite comedians. Please hang in there!

One last thing- I changed my ravelry username to MacStabby. I changed it on the button on my sidebar, so if you’re new to ravelry, you can find me. If you’re already on and followed me, you might have to find me anew (I’m not super sure.)

Thanks for reading my latest rambles! πŸ™‚ Here’s a photo of a baby giraffe being squee-tastic.

Baby Giraffe

Baby Giraffe (Photo credit: Albuquerque BioPark)

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