If we meet any mermaids, I’m going to ask them where their mer-ginas are.

Ha, more radio silence from me for awhile! I’m going to stop commenting on it- there’s really no need to apologize, after all. It’s not like all three of you who read this thing are pining away when I don’t post.

SO, the latest project for me was a darling (maybe?) little baby quilt. A friend of mine since my undergraduate days and her hubbie got themselves in a family way. Naturally, when I heard this news, immediately planned to make a gift for them….and then sat on it for a bit. Their baby shower came and went with nary a stitch done! (Lots of tasty foods were had, though. Mmmmmm.)

So, after all my hemming and hawing, I had The Hubs (who I also think of in my head as Long Suffering Husband, or LSH) help me pick out fabric. He’s way better at it, having had much more experience since he grew up with a crafty mom.

Here is the result!


Sorry about the colors. I tried to fix it up on my computer using Picasa, but the photos were taken using LSH’s phone and emailed to me, because I STILL can’t find the cord that attaches my camera to my computer. Boo urns. I didn’t use a pattern, just grabbed some cute fabric (it’s, like, cartoony, adorable, bears and foxes and bunnies and squirrels.) Then the matching fabric, laying it out, and putting it all together. It isn’t perfect by any means. Some of the sides ended up wonky, but I think it’s pretty cute for a baby (the parents-to-be (now ACTUAL parents) didn’t know the gender, so I went for a gender-neutral color-scheme. However- IT’S A BOY!)


So you’re probably thinking- hey, not too difficult! I bet this was a breeze! If so, you don’t know me very well. I kept screwing up sewing the rows together and then would have to rip and re-sew them. Maybe like four times. Because I’m a ninja.

Anyhoodle, my friends received it shortly after baby was born (I had to mail it to them because they moved without consulting me first). I hope it gets lots of love and drool and toothmarks all over it in the coming years! I’ll post a photo of baby with blankie if they take one (and say it’s ok.)

What have you been working on in my prolonged absence?


10 thoughts on “If we meet any mermaids, I’m going to ask them where their mer-ginas are.

  1. Cute! I know that making a small quilt with a regular sewing machine isn’t quite as breezy as it looks, so I can relate to your lack of ninja skills. πŸ˜‰ Which reminds me, at some point I need to measure my own quilt so that I can get some batting (and a backing) for it before it becomes an antique!

  2. Oh how the title of this post will have me cracking a smile all day long now. It’s great to know I’m not the one only whose mind has formulated that question over the years. πŸ™‚

    What a sweet, special gift. My mother cherished and used every handmade present she received when she was a new mom with each of her three kids and still has some (that weren’t completely worn out) of those things to this day.

    β™₯ Jessica

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