I believe that children are our future. Unless we stop them now.

Hellooooooo errybody! So yeah, I’ve been slacking my ass off on craftiness this summer- between lying on the floor while LSH is playing “The Last of Us,” and sleeping during the day when I’m on nights, I’m just not getting much done. OH WELL. I’ve also been working on my beloved Nettie, but matching stripes on a knit is soul-sucking. I’ve had the back piece lined up on my table for two weeks, just waiting to be cut. Ain’t done it yet. I’m terrible. (FYI, if you google the word “Nettie” so you can link to Heather’s page, google images has lots of photos of naked ladies from what appears to be the 60s or 70s, pubes and all. So beware, yo.)

So this is a dress I actually made last year- sorry the photos aren’t great- it was really sunny and we were about to go to dinner with some friends. I tried to edit them in Picasa, but the results are clearly so-so.



This is Simplicity 1878, v 2.0; I made it about two days after I made the last one. I loved it so much I tried again right away, but made the size 14 I needed (but a size ten neckline) without sleeves. Holy crap, you guys, I hate facings for sleeveless tops SO MUCH. So futsy.

I have no idea what to do with my arms.

I have no idea what to do with my arms.

This one was also serged on my MIL’s serger- so nice inside. Didn’t take photos because I’m a lazy turd. I wore it for the first time this summer several weeks ago and just had to laugh at the hem- I must’ve rushed through it like crazy because the inside is pretty jacked up. Looks ok on the outside though!

Anywho, if you compare this one to the last one, it’s clearly a whole different look-I used a nice, drapey, pink rayon with flowery things from Joann. The first one was a cotton sateen (also from Joann). I really like the flowy nature of this dress, but I don’t feel like it shows off the shape of a shift dress as it should, like my first one did. If (when) I make this again, I’ll use something with more structure. I’m even thinking of making it in a stable ponte knit. I would change the neckline to be more boat-y, and I’d make the front of the dress in one piece instead of 4. I’d love to make Tilly’s Coco, but this dress is so similar that, as much as I’d love to, I can’t justify buying a new pattern just yet. If it ends up being a total fail, I’ll probably go that route (or use the free Brigitte pattern.)

All in all, I’d say it’s a pretty ok dress! It’s nice for casual dates, I can wear it to work if I want, and it’s easy-breezy to wear in hot weather. I’ll take it! Plus, it looks great with my floppy hat. I love my new floppy hat. (I’m told quite often at work that I look too young- I tell people my secret is acne and staying out of the sun.)


Are you way past due on posting any projects?

Oh PS, here’s a picture of me looking like a miserable son-of-a-bitch during Ragnar- a team-based race that goes from Madison to Chicago. Apparently, my knees hate running almost as much as my brain.


ETA: WordPress tells me this is my 50th post. So lame that it’s for an old project! Thanks for sticking around, guys!

ETA2: Yeah, I changed up my look a bit today too- I was tired of the old one. The background is my current favorite color, as attested to by my sunglasses, purse, and kitchenaid mixer. The photo is from when I went to Belize- it’s from Tobacco Cay. That’s supposed to be the dive shop, if you can believe it haha.


11 thoughts on “I believe that children are our future. Unless we stop them now.

  1. I’m working my way up from the bottom here.

    1. You have a green kitchenaid mixer? That’s fucking awesome sauce. I want a kitchenaid mixer so much. I’d probably never use it but it would look so cool in my kitchen.

    2. yay for 50 posts!

    3. Your dress is awesome and that sunhat is tops. Always slip slop slap! (And you can google that without coming across naked ladies)

    4. The Last of Us frustrates me. It’s the first time HWF and I have played the same game and all it does is show how much better he is at video games than I am. I swear he’s just about to get further than me in about half the time.

    5. Oh god. Youths

    • 5. I know, right? The young are frightening.
      4. I don’t play zombie games (by myself) because I get scared. I need company. See also: Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame.
      3. I always forget the phrase “slip slap slop.” We just don’t use it here! But thanks for your nice words on my dress. šŸ™‚
      2. I can’t believe it hit 50. I feel like I should have more to show for it! But thanks. šŸ™‚
      1. My aqua kitchenaid mixer is fucking sweet. I’m going to design my kitchen with it in mind as an accent piece lol.

      • 1- yes a Kitchenaid should be the basis of a kitchen design
        2- yeh celebrate 50 posts. I’ve got 650+post but most of them are veal
        3- slip slop slap has the scariest magpie mascot. It’s enough to make you want to hibernate all summer.
        4- zombies aren’t as scary to me as sucking at games while people are judging me

        5- kids these days. Urgh.

  2. Two of my friends said they enjoyed watching their spouse play THe Last of Us–like it was a tv show; mine has yet to play the game I got him for Christmas, not that I’m dying to watch him play video games or anything.
    And seriously, LOL, the google thing. Thanks for the warning.
    Great dress and hat. I’m on the hunt for a good sun hat; got to protect my face–I have enough wrinkles already.

    • haha, I love to watch my husband play video games. It’s like a movie I can criticize in real time when he screws up! Not that I’ve done that.
      Thanks for the dress compliment. šŸ™‚ I got the hat at target for 15 bones. LOVE IT.

  3. Love the dress and the hat — and you know, you are never too young for a cool hat. Also what is the deal with acne … I feel that I am way to old for it … Peter McPimple feels differently. Sometimes he is the boss of me

  4. How groovy are you during Ragnar! Love the dress, the sunhat, & the way overdue posts. I’ve got plenty in the backlog and, meh, whatevs. Stripe matching knits is a special kind if hell. Welcome.

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