You go through life, you try to be nice to people, you struggle to resist the urge to punch ’em in the face, and for what?

Hola friends. Picture-heavy post today, but no crafty projects lie herein. These are mainly from my vacation back in April(!) when I visited Los Angeles for the first time. I thought some of the fashion-y among you may enjoy the majority of these photos, taken at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Let’s go!

We stayed at the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, which had opened in January of this year. It has a pretty cool history- it was once the United Artists Building, built in 1927. There’s also a theatre. A religious group kept the building in great condition over the past several decades, hence the photo below.

View from the hotel elevator-y area.

View from the hotel elevator-y area.

The hotel had a restaurant on the ground floor with many pencil sketches all over the walls. This was once of my favorites, obv.

Nice nipple, Arnold.

Nice nipple, Arnold.

On our first full day, we went to LACMA; we had to become members to get in to see the James Turrell Retrospective, which was closing in several days. I was impressed by pieces of the Berlin Wall on the grounds.



Here’s the part I think most of my readers will enjoy- while we were there, there was a ginormous exhibit devoted to the 40th Anniversary of the Wrap Dress, as designed/made famous by Diane von Furstenberg. It was pretty freaking amazing. I took pictures of several of my favorites, and some to try to get the scope of just HOW MANY dresses were there (on freaky faceless mannequins.) Walk with me, friends!

I really liked the cheongsam-style neckline on this one, as well as the keyhole, the fabric (DUH) and the piping at the edges.

029This one was simple and classic. Love that skirt fabric!

035I think these next few will sing their sweet siren call to Anne (amongst others). I definitely could’ve stolen a few of these dresses.


037This border print was AWESOME. The top is all dots, and the bottom….

038Savannah scene! *dies*

040I just loved the colors of this one (would prefer one sans collar though.)

041These three were all lovely. The mannequins, however… TERRIFYING.

044The green one in the middle- I swoon.


The fabric and the edge details on this one. Le Sigh.


Something about this supremely scary army of white mannequins reminded me of the Terracotta Warriors. Perhaps when DvF shuffles off her mortal coil, these fashionable soldiers will be buried with her?

There are just….so….many! 048


This one was my absolute favorite. I could see either Jem or Miss Piggy wearing this piece of fabulocity (or me, duh.)


All the animal prints. Check out the jumpsuit, helloooooo cameltoe!

056So that was the DvF. The James Turrell exhibit was pretty good, if you’re into that sort of art (I’m pretty un-abstract, so bits of it were wayyyy over my head.) My favorite part of the James Turrell exhibit was the Roden Crater part- holy cramoly, it looks amazing.Like, OMG. OMG, holy crap.

I did quite enjoy the Calder Exhibit, as well. By the end of this, we were getting a little museum’ed out, so we got ready for dinner. I ate SO WELL in Los Angeles, you guys. Sushi, Korean bbq, diner food, you name it. So tasty.

Also, when I was at my husband’s boss’s office, I found a horse head. So obviously…

067I wore the shit out of that freaking thing. We climbed up some hill in Long Beach, where my dear friend (who’d JUST had a baby about a month before) is doing her residency. It was blustery and scenic.

070Saw this behind the LA MOOD. Oh Los Angeles, you’re so whimsical! Un-fuck the world, indeed.

079My first time to the Pacific. It was chillly. I had bangs.

096This next bit was pretty cool- we went to the Bradbury Building, which is where parts of Bladerunner were filmed. (I didn’t care for the movie, myself- just read “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” if you want a good story that makes more sense.)

099Also about a million other things were filmed there, but that’s the one I recognized best.

100Even if movies/TV/etc hadn’t been filmed here, it was still a very architecturally interesting building. I bet the offices have been updated to be boring, though (it still functions as an office building.)

101I did spend quite a bit of time in the Fashion District of LA- it was within walking distance of my hotel. Here are some of the things I brought back. I bought ALL KNITS, and mostly stripes. WTF was I thinking? All that stripe matching. The sassy blue and red number is almost a complete Nettie. The grey with mint stripes is a Maria Denmark Kimono shirt (almost finished.) The splotchy fabric on the right is destined to be a wrap dress, inspired by the DvF exhibit. No clear plan for the pretty rainbow stripes. Probably a t-shirt of some sort. Maybe I’ll finally do a renfew!

105Well, that’s about all for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed strolling through part of my LA Vacay with me. Any big travel plans coming up for fall(/spring if you’re in the southern hemisphere)?


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