This post doesn’t deserve a clever title.

Hello all! I hope all you Americans had a lovely Independence Day, and all those of you from other places had a lovely Saturday.

Per usual, I’ve been intermittently working at “stuff,” but suuuuuuuper slowly. I’d been wacking along at my Sewing Dare from Gillian of Crafting A Rainbow, and I finally (past the deadline, eeps!) managed to get it mostly done. There’ll be a better post coming up, but here’s what it essentially looks like- edit-daredress

I am terrible at taking selfies, from a distance, whilst trying to keep the phone out of the major part of the photo. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to sucker LSH into taking some outdoor photos with me wearing actual makeup and perhaps a jaunty hat.

I did take like 20 whole minutes today to do some boring sewing- just some mending. Blehhhhhhhh. But it felt good to be done with part of my pile.

20150705_162417I had some cords that needed a hole near a belt-tab fixed, a small hole in my blue-white striped shirt that I LOVE (and need to do a rub-off pattern so I can make a million of them), fixed a giant rip at the neck of my high school swim team sweatshirt, and and a small hole at the shoulder of my pink/white dress (self-made, featured last year.) I had planned on trying to lower the crotchal region on my leopard print culottes, but once I looked at them, I realized it’d be a heck of a job to dissemble and reassemble them- I’ll just make them differently next time. It’s a bit annoying, but it’s not a deal-breaker for wearing them.

To finish up- here’s a photo of Butters from when LSH, a couple of friends and I went camping a few weeks ago. It was raining a lot and he was trying desperately to stay dry by hiding near the picnic table. Unfortunately, our intricate system of tarps picked several moments to dump on him, turning him into a very cute, but sad, 50 lb drowned rat. He ended up spending the night in our truck, and was a very happy fella when morning came.

Butters-campingHave a great week, erry’body!


2 thoughts on “This post doesn’t deserve a clever title.

    • Thanks! I hope I’ll get to a full dress post soon. I’m thinking of adding some stuff to it, so the darn process juuuuuust….keeeeeeps….goooooooing.

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