Somebody on the subway licked my neck. LICKED MY NECK!!

Hellooooooo again erry’body! Check it out, two posts in less than 4 months! I’ve just got a couple things I’ve had waiting in the wings for a bit here and finally had the get-to-it-ness to cajole poor LSH into taking photos for me.

I’ve done approximately 8 million versions (or 3 so far) of the Meret beret by Woolly Wormhead. I found out about her on a knitting podcast, I can’t remember which one- when I heard her name, I *had* to check her out. She’s got an amazing collection of wonderful hats. I started out with the meret because it was free, and I’m cheap.

For my first version, I used this lovely colored Rowan Pure Wool Worsted; I made the large (because my head is large) with 4 of the pattern repeats (because I wanted it slouchy. It looked great- until I blocked it. Then it got yoooooooooooge.

meretv1It became more of a rasta type hat- unfortunately, I do not have the volume of hair required to tuck into it for it to look good. Just too slouchy!

meretv1-1Excuse the crappier-than-usual photos- I was attempting to do them myself (clearly) and am terrible at it. (I realize this makes it sound like LSH’s photos are terrible. His are great! Anything I try to do myself or with a timer are the crummy ones.) Well, since I was so unhappy with the first version, I frogged that shiz and tried again.

Meet version 2.0, same diameter (large) with three pattern repeats.


It is better, but the diameter is still so darn big that it slides back a lot when I’m wearing it. I did get a lot of compliments on it, however! (Way back in early spring- it’s far too warm for decorative wool hats now.)

It looks alright from the back, but because the yarn has so much give, and I was trying NOT to wear a parachute on my head (I didn’t stretch it taut during blocking), the pattern does not show up too well. You can still see it, and it’s visually interesting, but not as showy as it otherwise might be. I’ll have to do a third.

meretv2-1Bet you thought there’d be a third version right here, yeah? Well, THERE IS, but it’s a different color and yarn. I made this one for my sister in Cascade 220, which is my new yarn boyfriend for life. I don’t remember the name of the color, but it’s a lovely caramel-y brown, just like my sis requested.

beckysmeretShe’s got very light blonde hair, so this color will look really good on her (better than on my nearly-matching hair). This is really more the size and shape I was going for- snug around the head, slouchy in the back. I hope she likes it- she was hoping for slouchier, like my v2.0, but this yarn doesn’t block the same as the Rowan (thankfully!) This is another large with only 3 pattern repeats. With this yarn, a 4th repeat wouldn’t be too much for slouch-factor.

beckysmeret01Plus, the pattern shows up SO WELL in this yarn. Cascade 220 for the win! For all the things!

I really did have a good time knitting these babies up. The pattern is easy to memorize, but fun to do. I’d highly recommend it.

As an aside- my birthday was back in March (OMG SO OLD), and the lovely Beks mailed me some goodies to celebrate the occasion. Check it out!

birthday presentsThere’s a skein of beautiful yarn that she DYED HERSELF (what?!), three fat quarters in really cute fabric that I’m obviously very conflicted about what to do with (excuse the atrocious grammar), a fob I can put on my purse, and a necklace. There was also a stamped metal bracelet that says JAZZ HANDS on it, but I’ve already worn it 8 million times so it’s somewhere else right now.

My other birthday present was the coolest freaking thing ever. My dear LSH made me THIS:

minion threadA thread-holder! He painted it to match my walls. It spins! It holds like 96 threads! It is a great place for my minion from Beks to sit! It really has it all. Obvi, I arranged everything in rainbows because everything is prettier in a rainbow. I’ve still got two empty sides, yikes.

One last bit- I did the Ragnar again this year. I couldn’t do the whole thing (again!) because of work the next day, but I did run 6.44 miles, then do a volunteer shift to help out. The next day, I worked a 24 hour shift wherein my intern and I got killed with 9 admissions, several ICU patients, and the dear stayed 4 hours late to help me, because she is the best.

Here I am, all pumped as I go. The lady in green and black smoked me- I tried to pace her for about one mile, and had to give up. She was wicked faster than I am.


The distance (6.5-ish) was the most I’ve ever run before, and I did it in a good time for me, too. But boy, was I sore the next day haha. Some people look amazing after a run. I mostly look like I just took a swim. My ultimate goal for the year is to be able to run 10 miles in one crack. I’ve now done 7.9 so I’m going alright!


Check my sweet flipbelt!

I’m currently gearing up for my first triathlon since 2009, which will take place in two weeks. I’m so excited! A girl from my residency is doing it with me, so that’ll be awesome fun.

Are you trying to reach any new goals this summer? (Crafty or otherwise)?

4 thoughts on “Somebody on the subway licked my neck. LICKED MY NECK!!

  1. Triathlons! Go you! I did a small one (400m swim, 5k ride, 2k run) once and it was a lot of fun. I do miss running sometimes. My knees and back don’t but my brain does.
    Handy tip – if you take the little trinkets off the carabena they become stitch markers. I believe I sent enough for the meret beret pattern. Or at least I meant to!

    • Oh, they’re stitch markers! EVEN BETTER.
      I only do sprint tris- like 400 yard swim, 15 mile bike, 5k run. They’re so hard but I like to give it a try every…6…years or so, ha. Thanks again for the awesome presents!

  2. Yay for you! 6.44 is awesome! I would love to get up to a 10k. Did someone really lick your neck? I know subways are crowded, but I still can’t imagine a scenario where that would be acceptable.

    • You can totally do it! Just increase mileage really slowly (which I did- like, insanely slowly) to avoid injury, and you’ll do great.
      No one licked my neck; that’s a Chandler Bing quote from “Friends” – he’s my favorite (though Phoebe is my spirit animal.)

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