And you know what happens with Tokyo drifting? It leads to bickering. Which, of course, leads to karate.

Hello, friends! It’s just going to be a small mish-mash post today of a few different things I’ve had in the finished pile over the last little bit (like, in the last year, ha.)

I gave an attempt to the Maria Denmark Kimona Tee, which is a free pattern.


I tried this one out last summer, I think. Amazingly, I sewed the collar to the wrong side, so here I am, wearing the shirt inside out so the collar looks normal. I think it has potential, but this fabric just wasn’t doing it for me (a jersey leftover from Joann which I used for the second pair of True Bias Hudson pants I made last year- that’s a post for another day.) I’m not terribly comfortable with sewing knits, so this one was nice because it was fairly study. However, I think something with more drape would look a bit nicer.

Next up, some very unseasonable projects that I did last fall. If I don’t show them off now, they’ll never get done!

When I moved to my new town for work last September, the house that LSH and I had been looking at fell through. My hospital found me a townhouse to live in for a few months, but it was unfurnished and sad. Around Halloween, I got the itch to do some easy decorating, so I made these two wreaths. (I didn’t get many good photos of the Halloween wreath, sorry.)

I just used styrofoam wreath forms. The Halloween themed one I painted black, then I used an orange feather boa to wrap around it, affixed with pins. I made a few bows out of fun ribbon, fashioned a hanger, and I was done!

The Fall themed wreath used burlap ribbon with a bit of sparkle in it, some gold leaves that I bought because, duh, sparkly, and owl ribbon I was never NOT going to buy. I made a sparkly orange bow for this one, and I was done. My place was decorated and there was glitter everywhere by the time I was done- not a bad afternoon!

Here’s some Butters for good measure. This is a face that says, “derrrrrrrrrrrr.”


That’ll about do it for today. Have you ever had to decorate a temporary home to make it less drab? Have you tried the Kimono tee? What fabric worked best for you?