Sing “Soft Kitty” to me.

Hello hello! It’s been a busy couple of weeks. The Hubs and I were out of state for residency interviews, and we got back late-ish on Tuesday, but I’ve had some funky viral pharyngitis since then, so I’ve only been out of bed for 10 of the last 50+ hours. No crafting, no blogging, pretty much just reading and drinking orange juice. I’ve got a post on deck of ACTUAL crafty stuff, but this is a quick filler until I get those photos done.

The last day of November, I went to a high school with a community medicine nurse (HI NURSE JENNY!) to talk about mental health as part of my community medicine rotation. Jenny and I met for brunch first, so I thought I’d try Tasha’s vintage back roll, using a scarf I’d thrifted from a Goodwill in the UP.

For the front-y part, I just grabbed what would be bangs if I had any, and twisted them up a bit. Here’s that part…Behold, my FiveHead!

002It’s sort-of-ish a Victory Roll, kinda! I have tried victory rolls before, but with no success. Apparently the trick for me is to just twist up my hair without thinking it’s going to be one, and it’ll sort of be one. I did a happy-shuffle when I saw this from the top. The problem with my hair is that it’s sooo fine that booby (typo and it stays) pins do not hold my hair AT ALL, so I always have to use little triangle snap barrettes. They get the job done, but are not as pretty. Behold, the back roll (using bobby pins…)

009Um, yeah. I need some practice. I did get a compliment on my hair from a high school girl though, so you know this style is killer.

So I’m sooooo glad to be home- two weeks away and then getting sick is a lot for this home-body. I must be stressed about residency stuff though, because I had my classic stress-dream last night- I was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model and Tyra Banks was judging me (harshly). I haven’t watched that show in YEARS and my stress still brings that nonsense to the forefront. Ugh!

How does your brain let you know that you’re stressed out?