Somebody threw a snow-cone at my windshield. I thought I’d crashed into a rainbow- it was terrifying.

Well, once again it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted, but I can’t apologize for it. Work is busy, and sometimes when I get home, all I want to do is lie on the floor and watch “The Big Bang Theory” or “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” (which I’ve JUST started watching, and it’s cramazing.

So, this is not a crafty post. HA SUCKERS. I had my ten year wedding anniversary in November, and LSH and I spent almost two weeks in Maui. It was seriously the best vacation ever (even counting in the injury I got the first day- ripping skin/meat off the bottom of my left great toe, bleeding a bunch, almost passing out, and then getting vertigo later in the day.) I absolutely recommend Maui as a vacation for anyone who’s privileged enough to have the time/money to go (which we finally did this year). It’s beautiful and the weather was lovely- especially when compared to the first snowstorm of the year that we returned to! We even briefly considered moving there, we loved it so much, until we saw house prices that just made us laugh in dismay.

So, because it’s my blog and I can do what I want, here are some vacation photos. WOOT.

First day in Maui- Lanai in the background

First day in Maui- Lanai in the background

Napili Beach

Napili Beach

View from our room at the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel

View from our room at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel

LSH took this picture- one of the state parks, I can't remember which one!

LSH took this picture- one of the state parks, I can’t remember which one!

Tasty bevvie at Laihana Pizza Company- you MUST eat their delicious pizza

Tasty bevvie at Laihana Pizza Company- you MUST eat their delicious pizza

Road to Hana- sneakie peek at LSH doing...something.

Road to Hana- sneakie peek at LSH doing…something.

Road to Hana- the Three Bears waterfalls

Road to Hana- the Three Bears waterfalls

Road to Hana- Black Sand Beach

Road to Hana- Black Sand Beach

Road to Hana- Read Sand Beach

Road to Hana- Read Sand Beach

Red Sand Beach, complete with nudists

Red Sand Beach, complete with nudists

You see the two people directly in the middle, under the tree? The dude on the right was a smug, naked hippie. I saw his junk, and no, it wasn’t as impressive as he thought it was. Keep smoking the bud, man.

Seven Sacred Pools- very stanky looking water (no recent heavy rainfall to wash it out, I’m guessing).

Nifty old church, built 1862, with ruins of the rectory nearby.

Nifty old church, built 1862, with ruins of the rectory nearby.

155And, OF COURSE, our christmas ornaments for each other. The pineapple was more of a vacation souvenir, while I got LSH the scuba diving turtle (he’s PADI certified and did three dives while we were there). LSH got me the hula Santa with the ukelele. They looked so charming on our tree.

Thanks for cruising (briefly) through my vacay with me! We’ve got loads more photos (including of us learning to surf) but they’re on LSH’s laptop, and I haven’t asked for copies yet. Womp womp. If/when I do, I’ll add some more (mostly for me haha).

If you want any tips on Maui, I can totes give you some, because I am NOT tired of talking about my trip yet. Straight off the bat I can recommend the Old Lahaina Luau and an evening of comedy and magic at Warren and Annabelle’s. Lahaina Pizza Company- I STILL MISS YOU.

In other news- we got a dog! More to come on him soon.

What are some of your favorite vacation memories?


You go through life, you try to be nice to people, you struggle to resist the urge to punch ’em in the face, and for what?

Hola friends. Picture-heavy post today, but no crafty projects lie herein. These are mainly from my vacation back in April(!) when I visited Los Angeles for the first time. I thought some of the fashion-y among you may enjoy the majority of these photos, taken at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Let’s go!

We stayed at the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, which had opened in January of this year. It has a pretty cool history- it was once the United Artists Building, built in 1927. There’s also a theatre. A religious group kept the building in great condition over the past several decades, hence the photo below.

View from the hotel elevator-y area.

View from the hotel elevator-y area.

The hotel had a restaurant on the ground floor with many pencil sketches all over the walls. This was once of my favorites, obv.

Nice nipple, Arnold.

Nice nipple, Arnold.

On our first full day, we went to LACMA; we had to become members to get in to see the James Turrell Retrospective, which was closing in several days. I was impressed by pieces of the Berlin Wall on the grounds.



Here’s the part I think most of my readers will enjoy- while we were there, there was a ginormous exhibit devoted to the 40th Anniversary of the Wrap Dress, as designed/made famous by Diane von Furstenberg. It was pretty freaking amazing. I took pictures of several of my favorites, and some to try to get the scope of just HOW MANY dresses were there (on freaky faceless mannequins.) Walk with me, friends!

I really liked the cheongsam-style neckline on this one, as well as the keyhole, the fabric (DUH) and the piping at the edges.

029This one was simple and classic. Love that skirt fabric!

035I think these next few will sing their sweet siren call to Anne (amongst others). I definitely could’ve stolen a few of these dresses.


037This border print was AWESOME. The top is all dots, and the bottom….

038Savannah scene! *dies*

040I just loved the colors of this one (would prefer one sans collar though.)

041These three were all lovely. The mannequins, however… TERRIFYING.

044The green one in the middle- I swoon.


The fabric and the edge details on this one. Le Sigh.


Something about this supremely scary army of white mannequins reminded me of the Terracotta Warriors. Perhaps when DvF shuffles off her mortal coil, these fashionable soldiers will be buried with her?

There are just….so….many! 048


This one was my absolute favorite. I could see either Jem or Miss Piggy wearing this piece of fabulocity (or me, duh.)


All the animal prints. Check out the jumpsuit, helloooooo cameltoe!

056So that was the DvF. The James Turrell exhibit was pretty good, if you’re into that sort of art (I’m pretty un-abstract, so bits of it were wayyyy over my head.) My favorite part of the James Turrell exhibit was the Roden Crater part- holy cramoly, it looks amazing.Like, OMG. OMG, holy crap.

I did quite enjoy the Calder Exhibit, as well. By the end of this, we were getting a little museum’ed out, so we got ready for dinner. I ate SO WELL in Los Angeles, you guys. Sushi, Korean bbq, diner food, you name it. So tasty.

Also, when I was at my husband’s boss’s office, I found a horse head. So obviously…

067I wore the shit out of that freaking thing. We climbed up some hill in Long Beach, where my dear friend (who’d JUST had a baby about a month before) is doing her residency. It was blustery and scenic.

070Saw this behind the LA MOOD. Oh Los Angeles, you’re so whimsical! Un-fuck the world, indeed.

079My first time to the Pacific. It was chillly. I had bangs.

096This next bit was pretty cool- we went to the Bradbury Building, which is where parts of Bladerunner were filmed. (I didn’t care for the movie, myself- just read “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” if you want a good story that makes more sense.)

099Also about a million other things were filmed there, but that’s the one I recognized best.

100Even if movies/TV/etc hadn’t been filmed here, it was still a very architecturally interesting building. I bet the offices have been updated to be boring, though (it still functions as an office building.)

101I did spend quite a bit of time in the Fashion District of LA- it was within walking distance of my hotel. Here are some of the things I brought back. I bought ALL KNITS, and mostly stripes. WTF was I thinking? All that stripe matching. The sassy blue and red number is almost a complete Nettie. The grey with mint stripes is a Maria Denmark Kimono shirt (almost finished.) The splotchy fabric on the right is destined to be a wrap dress, inspired by the DvF exhibit. No clear plan for the pretty rainbow stripes. Probably a t-shirt of some sort. Maybe I’ll finally do a renfew!

105Well, that’s about all for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed strolling through part of my LA Vacay with me. Any big travel plans coming up for fall(/spring if you’re in the southern hemisphere)?

I believe that children are our future. Unless we stop them now.

Hellooooooo errybody! So yeah, I’ve been slacking my ass off on craftiness this summer- between lying on the floor while LSH is playing “The Last of Us,” and sleeping during the day when I’m on nights, I’m just not getting much done. OH WELL. I’ve also been working on my beloved Nettie, but matching stripes on a knit is soul-sucking. I’ve had the back piece lined up on my table for two weeks, just waiting to be cut. Ain’t done it yet. I’m terrible. (FYI, if you google the word “Nettie” so you can link to Heather’s page, google images has lots of photos of naked ladies from what appears to be the 60s or 70s, pubes and all. So beware, yo.)

So this is a dress I actually made last year- sorry the photos aren’t great- it was really sunny and we were about to go to dinner with some friends. I tried to edit them in Picasa, but the results are clearly so-so.



This is Simplicity 1878, v 2.0; I made it about two days after I made the last one. I loved it so much I tried again right away, but made the size 14 I needed (but a size ten neckline) without sleeves. Holy crap, you guys, I hate facings for sleeveless tops SO MUCH. So futsy.

I have no idea what to do with my arms.

I have no idea what to do with my arms.

This one was also serged on my MIL’s serger- so nice inside. Didn’t take photos because I’m a lazy turd. I wore it for the first time this summer several weeks ago and just had to laugh at the hem- I must’ve rushed through it like crazy because the inside is pretty jacked up. Looks ok on the outside though!

Anywho, if you compare this one to the last one, it’s clearly a whole different look-I used a nice, drapey, pink rayon with flowery things from Joann. The first one was a cotton sateen (also from Joann). I really like the flowy nature of this dress, but I don’t feel like it shows off the shape of a shift dress as it should, like my first one did. If (when) I make this again, I’ll use something with more structure. I’m even thinking of making it in a stable ponte knit. I would change the neckline to be more boat-y, and I’d make the front of the dress in one piece instead of 4. I’d love to make Tilly’s Coco, but this dress is so similar that, as much as I’d love to, I can’t justify buying a new pattern just yet. If it ends up being a total fail, I’ll probably go that route (or use the free Brigitte pattern.)

All in all, I’d say it’s a pretty ok dress! It’s nice for casual dates, I can wear it to work if I want, and it’s easy-breezy to wear in hot weather. I’ll take it! Plus, it looks great with my floppy hat. I love my new floppy hat. (I’m told quite often at work that I look too young- I tell people my secret is acne and staying out of the sun.)


Are you way past due on posting any projects?

Oh PS, here’s a picture of me looking like a miserable son-of-a-bitch during Ragnar- a team-based race that goes from Madison to Chicago. Apparently, my knees hate running almost as much as my brain.


ETA: WordPress tells me this is my 50th post. So lame that it’s for an old project! Thanks for sticking around, guys!

ETA2: Yeah, I changed up my look a bit today too- I was tired of the old one. The background is my current favorite color, as attested to by my sunglasses, purse, and kitchenaid mixer. The photo is from when I went to Belize- it’s from Tobacco Cay. That’s supposed to be the dive shop, if you can believe it haha.

Relaxation lesson number one: acupuncture. It’s great for your back and your rear. Needles in your face, pleasure in yo’ base.

Hey doods! Guess what time it is in MacStabby-Land? 0100 in the AM. Because CRIPES- I’m on nights right now. And last month I was working overnight every three days. It’s put quite the damper on my creative drive. Not the mind-process, just the actual getting-off-my-ass process.

Apologies in advance for the wonky spacing going on in this post- either wordpress is being weird or I am, I can’t tell. Annoying though, since I can’t figure out how to fix it!

Anywho, a few weeks ago was Memorial Day weekend here in the States, and I took the opportunity to build something AWESOME for my house/yard/mostly me. We’ve got a good-sized yard as Casa MacStabberson, and I’ve been wanting to try composting. We’ve certainly got enough grass-clippings from every time LSH mows the lawn, and enough dead leaves and things in the woods behind the house. SO, I went to the University of Missouri Extension Program site (I just googled “how to build a compost bin”) and started on this beauty.

Look, you guys! I used power tools! It was also approximately ONE MILLION DEGREES that day. Fahrenheit or Celsius, I can’t remember. At that temperature, it really doesn’t matter. It was hotter than Satan’s taint.

Choppity Choppity! My knees were SO sore after all this kneeling and sweating and whatnot. I was a sad panda.



The website had a full list of supplies needed as well as thorough directions for construction- for free! There were several options, but I chose the three-bin option, because I wanted a baller compost bin. We started construction up near the house, where the cords for the tools would reach, and then, when all chopping was completed, continued on down in the area where the bins would sit permanently.


You see the metallic screens on the boxes? That’s called hardware cloth. The directions say to “pull taut and nail down.” HAHAHAHA that’s funny. Because that shit basically does what it wants. I did my best, with LSH’s help, but super taut, it is not. Points if you can figure out what’s wrong in this photo, ha. Whoops.

Here’s the cloth in roll form- it had to be cut with a tin snips which was obvs SUPER FUN.


This ended up being a two-day project for me, because I had never done anything like this before, there was lots of hammering to be done by hand (why doesn’t LSH have a pneumatic nail-gun?) and it was hot as the dickens. Did I mention it was hot? Because it might have been a little warm that day.

Getting closer to being completed!



Inserting the fronty-door pieces. They’re removable for access to the bins for turning the compost. I have my very own pitchfork for this express purpose (not pictured).


Completed! This was a cool thing for me- I’ve never done a project like this before, and doing something like this for our home was really satisfying. I’ve got several yard-mowings’ worth of clippings, dead leaves from last autumn, and am starting to put in foody bits. The next step to finishing will be the Optional Lids (to keep critters out.) I think I’m hot composting, because it’s warm in there when I turn my compost. It’s been pretty fun so far!

Also, I wanna give props/big-ups/many thanks to Oanh of Unique Schmuck for her info on composting- she’s done it for ages and had good tips. Mine of hers to share with you- apparently, newspaper will fix ANYTHING.

Have you tried composting or other ways to recycle yard waste?

High-fiving a million angels!

ZOMG you guys, I DID IT. I actually finished my #SewDollyClackett number on time! (barely.) I also realized, like YESTERDAY, that it also fulfulls the Sew Vintage Pledge!

VSPP 300

I’d been procrastinating on actually, like, SAYING I was joining the pledge because I didn’t want to feel like a doof if I didn’t finish it. But here it is, a vintage dress I finished, WOOT! Back to the dress…


So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I used Butterick 5748, which Roisin herself has already used several times. (So did Shelly at Cuckoo Chanel, woot!)

I had some *troubles* with this one. The last dress I made that required any amount of fitting was my graduation dress, I had problems getting it to fit around the bust, and I had to take it in a ton. On this dress, I started small, and ended up eventually just cutting pretty much a straight size 14. When I got most of it together yesterday, LSH looked and was ACTUALLY IMPRESSED. He said, “It looks really good!” I pretended not to notice his surprise and just take the compliment. 😉

But lookie here at this little target-
What on earth is that thing pointing at? Is it marking the nippular area? I don’t get it.

Anyhoodle, I made four freakin’ muslins of the bodice. UGH KILL ME NOW.
As you can see in the photo above, it’s not perfect. There’s a weird little ripple-y part on the bodice front that disappears if I stand just right and tug it just the right way.


I ended up essentially drafting my own skirt because I didn’t have enough fabric to do a circle skirt. I ended up cutting a couple of trapezoids, because I wanted it to be poofier at the bottom than with a straight-up gathered rectangle. I did some box pleats at the front, and then one over each back bodice dart as well.

I didn’t line the whole dress, just the bodice (although now that I think of it, I can’t remember if the directions call for lining the whole thing anyways.) It’s actually fairly pretty on the inside!


The instructions say to “understitch as far as you can.” I tried on two parts, and to steal a(nother) page from Roisin’s book-


So I gave up on that nonsense pretty damn quick.


I’m not always sure the “right” way to actually finish things with the lining (and by not always, I mean NEVER), so I just catch-stitched around the whole waist and at the zipper.


It’s a skill I’m working on, but it’s passable, I think. I’ll let you in on a secret- I haven’t finished the skirt seams off yet, because I needed to quick get photos and slap this blog post together before the deadline!

I tried really hard to do careful pattern placement of the cowgirls, but I didn’t have a ton of fabric to waste, so I ended up sacrificing a couple of them.


Pour one out for the lounging lady on the left who got her face mauled.

There are still several fitting issues- I think next time I’ll take a bit out of the center front, and use a smaller size at the armholes and then grade out. I had to add some width to the center back on each side because I do not have a vintage-y waist (or much of a waist at all.) Having LSH around to help pin me together and then mark the lines on the fabric was super helpful. He’s a handy type of fella. I also made the scoop back less scoop-y- I think I raised it about two inches. I kept a journal of all the changes I tried to make, so hopefully next time there will be a few less muslins (like maybe only two!)

Now for fun photos!


I had to include this- it’s, like, my first AND LAST selfie ever. Derrrr.


From the back! (whilst spinning)


So yeah, I like to spin. Wackily.


This was between spinning and trying to do a funny pose, so yeah, here it is haha.


Obligatory Dolly-Clacket-Style shoe shot!! 😀

In a future post, I’ve got photos from my vacay to Los Angeles- I think some from LACMA will interest people who like clothes!

Did you manage to finish your #SewDollyClackett in time?!

I’m too tired to slap you; bash your face against my palm.

Howdy do, y’alls!

So, here is a look at the project I’ve been working on lately- a quilt for my very dear friend’s new baby. I’m not always great at putting colors together.


Luckily, I’ve got a LSH who has lots of practice, as he grew up with a crafty mother. He does good work. My friend had initially thought they may use this adorable veggie themed bedroom stuff from ikea, so on a trip there with Hubs, I took a photo to try to color match.

I got the pattern for this quilt out of the premier (I think) issue of Quilty, which is a pretty new quilting mag with modern designs. It’s the only one I’ve purchased so far, but I enjoyed it.


As you can see, it’s essentially made up of these little pyramids (a little hard to see in the photo above). Arranging them how I wanted took FOREVER- I must’ve done it, took a photo, and rearranged it like 12 times. Finally, I got it how I wanted.

Sewing all those darn strips together

Sewing all those darn strips together

The pieces were sewn together and then a strip of white put in between each row.

Final layout

Final layout

All put together , waiting to be quilted! This is the part I’m still learning to do well. I’m definitely not there yet. I still have problems using the walking foot to its full advantage- sometimes I rush it along, and the stitches are small and close, sometimes they’re longer and nicer looking. GAH. I can’t figure it out. I did try to look up some tips this time, so I quilted a little differently than I did on Nugget’s quilt. I rolled it up and did only straight lines.


I started on the same side, so the tension was always pulling in the same direction, except…


for one row that I must’ve picked up after a break or something- I went in the other direction, and it made some ripples (seen in the border row between the blue and orange pyramids.) I had to unpick, and then re-do it.


It helped a little- it’s better, but not perfect. Oh well!

I also made bias tape for the first time for this project. I used up all my scrappie bits from each of the pyramids. I used this tutorial from No Big Dill.


I’m not gonna lie- it took quite awhile, maybe a whole evening. There was a lot of cutting and sewing of little pieces- one continuous piece would’ve been faster. THEN I got to use the little doo-dad that my MIL gave me because she never used it.



After all this was done, I was left with this.


Yeah, it was only a SMALL MOUNTAIN. I needed a way to store it until I could attach it, so I just wrapped it on an empty toilet paper roll.



In between all of this quilting, LSH and I had WILDLIFE in our backyard.


I’ve always lived in either a small-ish city with no yard, or in an apartment with no yard. The house we bought last August is on about one acre and is a little bit out of town, so there are NAMINALS, you guys. LADY DEER. Another night, a few weeks ago, they were eating from our bird-feeder. I may or may not have opened a window and yelled, “Hey deer! Get away from there!…Keep walking, asshole!” I’m not entirely sure, though.

Anywho, back on track.


This is the backing fabric- I thought it was pretty adorable, with its baby deer and “love” and “baby” and all that jazz. It was, unfortunately, a little bit smaller than the front, so my bias tape was a little too small. LSH suggested I sew some more tape to the already on-there tape, if that makes sense, so there’d be enough to wrap around the quilt and cover the raw edges. It took awhile, but it worked.


It makes a lurvely little rainbow. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it on here before, but I LOOOOOOVE things arranged it rainbows- they draw me like a magpie to shiny things. It’s why I love fabric, yarn, and bead stores. EVERYTHING IS RAINBOWS.

Anyhoodle (AGAIN), this is the completed quilt:


I’m pretty please with how it turned out- nice bright colors good for babies. I got to give it to my friend and her bebeh on my recent vacation to Los Angeles. My friend moved to California for residency- BOO. She’s still on maternity leave, so it was not too much of a problem to get to see her and the lil Nugget. She’s adorbs, of course. Hopefully when she’s a little older and using the quilt for tummy time, I can get a photo of Baby with blanket. Getting to give them the blanket meant that I was FINALLY able to put up this post! Woot! (But mostly I was psyched to see my friend, her hubs, and the baby, because duh.)

In other news, my #SewDollyClackett dress is plodding along. I’m on my THIRD(!!) muslin for the bodice (you may have seen me bitch about it on twitter.) I can’t seem to get it right- maybe because I have no waist and I’m using a vintage pattern. Grumble! This third one seems the closest so far, but it’s not finished yet so I’ll have to see. It’s getting rather disheartening!


Grumbly Mr. Bojangles agrees. Look at those backwards ears!

She’s not my friend. Friends don’t get their friend’s care bears all sweaty.

Hello err-ybody! I haven’t blogged in AGES (again) but I’ve been busy! I’m working on a post about the large project I’ve been doing lately, but I can’t publish it yet, because it’s a gift for a friend. I’m so happy with it though, and it will be a VERY photo-heavy post- forewarned is forearmed, yes?

Something else I’m super stoked about though, is THIS:

Roisin, aka Dolly Clackett, is one of my FAVORITE bloggers. She’s got style for days and a killer shoe collection, in addition to being a funny, funny lady. Well, this lovely gal is getting married, so one of her friends, Sarah, at Rhinestones and Telephones, got up this great contest/tribute to Roisin- wherein the contestants make a dress in true Dolly Clackett (TM) style, for prizes. Also, for fun. I do not AT ALL expect to be the winner of this- there are too many amazing sewists (ugh that word) taking part. However, it was just the boost I needed to finally get up and make a dress along DC’s style lines. I already had fabric that I impulse-bought when I saw one of Roisin’s dresses, and I scanned my patterns to see what I’d like to use.

I decided on this:

Pattern and Minion

Pattern and Minion

Which I cannot get to rotate no matter what I do. UGH. Sorry for sucking at life, guys. Anyhoodle, it turns out Roisin has used this pattern like 8 gabillion times, so it’s definitely going to fit on that mark.

And THIS is the fabric I chose:

Pin-up Cowgirls! WUT WUT!

Pin-up Cowgirls! WUT WUT!

I’m pretty freaking stoked about this fabric. When I was interviewing for residency, I went out to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where every year, they have Frontier Days, which is a big rodeo and celebration of frontier life. I totally want to go to it someday, and I totally want to wear this completed dress to it. Because I’m cool like that.

I’ve started a muslin for the bodice:
Try not to be too jealous of my blue bra. This photo was tough to take to demonstrate the fit at the moment. It fits pretty well in the boobal region, but the neck and arms feel too tight. I’m going to sew the sleeve and neck edges down 5/8″ like they’ll be when sewing the lining and bodice together to see if that loosens it. The back, however, is totally like, 2.5″ too narrow, so I’m going to add some width to muslin #2. I may also raise the back up (it’s a really nice scoop back) so that bra-straps won’t show. I may add 1-1.5″ to the length as well- I’ve got a pretty long torso. We’ll see how these changes for before I decide if I need other changes. I may also do a gathered skirt instead of the one that comes with the pattern- I do not have 4 yards of fabric! I’ll also be doing a center-back zipper instead of a side zipper, because no thanks.

Here’s another little something I’ve been working on intermittently:
The pattern is from etsy shop WeeLittleStitches, which has loads of really great, unusual/non-traditional patterns.
I was going to make this for Nugget, but now that I’ve completed Jasmine, Pocohontas, and part of Mulan, it’s so damn cute that I’ll probably keep it for myself. Besides, she’s got plenty of princess stuff, and should read more books about dinosaurs (when she learns to read).

That’s about all I’ve got for now. Have you ever started a gift for someone, then sneakily kept it for yourself?