Knit and Crochet Blog Week- Day 5

Day 5- something a little different for blogging. I’d have liked to try a podcast or a video, but…

no timePlus, you don’t want to hear my voice. I have allergies and it’s pretty nasal! So in lieu of videos, I give you haiku.


Oh House Manatee

Therein Dwells My Spirit Beast

Let’s Craft Together


Trying to Knit Well

Can Really Drive Me Crazy

Time to Have a Drink


Ravelry, You Jerk.

So Many Patterns to Choose

So Little Time. Gr.


Scratchy Acrylic

Why Are You So Damn Cheap, Yet

So Flippin’ Fugly.

I could go on for days, but Hey, it’s Friday. Time for a glass of vino! 😀