I’m in five gangs now. I started two. I started the Kitties and the Grape Slushies.

The day has finally arrived! The day of the Apronalong going live! Okay, technically it went live YESTERDAY, but Karen has thoughtfully given a grace period to those of us who were running, erm, to the wire. I actually made almost the ENTIRE thing yesterday. I kept putting it off last week, saying, “Oh, I’ll do it this day,” and then NOT doing it. I almost called this page “Procraftination” for that very reason. And then I meant to make it Saturday, I swears I did, but The Hubs needed to clean the back room of our apartment, and I couldn’t very well get in his way, could I? Of course not! So yesterday, it finally happened. Here’s a close-up of the finished product…

CHECK THAT SHIZZ OUT! Three, count ’em, THREE types of rick-rack. Oh yeah, baby. I https://crafternoonnap.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=97&action=editwasn’t holding back on this puppy.

So, as I’ve put in previous posts, I made McCall’s M5358, view B. I wanted a full-coverage apron, as when I cook, bake, and clean, I tend to splatter. I didn’t add a ruffle to the bottom (using the rick-rack as embellishment instead) and I forewent (is that the past-tense of “forego?”) the ruffles on the shoulder straps, and the pockets. I know pocket-enthusiasts will be up in arms, but I just don’t use them when I’m doing things that require aprons.

One thing I’m trying to do is learn to be patient and take my time with the details as I go through my sewing projects. I’m very much an instant-gratification person (which goes poorly for me, as I sew, knit, etc. very slowly), and it leads to both sloppiness and not enjoying the process of DOING since I’m in such a hurry for the result. I can say that I really took my time on some of the details (that rick-rack did NOT go on quickly!) and enjoyed myself the whole way through. I even narrow-hemmed the crap out of those ties. Oh yeah, I did. Time for a full-view….

Whew! Wife-ing is hard work!

Oh my, you seem to have caught me in the midst of pretending to bake! How embarassing! 😉

All that work…Time for a drink!

Thanks to Karen for hosting this Apron sew-along. I feel like it really kick-started my creativity and I hope to keep creating now that I’ve re-tasted how much fun it is!

Also, big ups to The Hubs for being my photographer today. Baby, you da bomb. MWAH!

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Apron and Birthday Confection

Woot! I actually got some stuff done this weekend. HOLLER. I cut out my fabric for the Apronalong….

Cupcake-covered fabric

And also bought the pattern and fabric for my niece (The Nugget)’s birthday dress. Luckily, she’s a New Year’s baby, so I’ve got loads of time. I decided to cut out the pieces and start working on the bodice today, taking advantage of some time at my in-laws’ to use my MIL’s really nice cutting table. Here’s the fabric pre-cutting:

Waterfall satin- light pink to dark. Purple, sparkly-ish….something.

Nugget picked the fabric. I’m calling it “Nugget’s Barbie Fantasy: MacStabby’s Barbie Nightmare,” haha. I’ll be using Simplicity’s 2463. As I said, I started working on the bodice (no photos because light is fading). I’m hoping it will work out alright- she’s a strange size so I’ll have to do some alterations, eeks! My sister and I measured her at the craft store, and she’s a size 3 around and a size 5 tall. No wonder my sister can never find clothes to fit her! Well, I cut out all the pieces for a size 5, and sewed the bodice and lining up. They looked enormous, so I took in all the seams 1/4″, for an inch total. I’m hoping that will be enough, if she grows a little bit before her birthday. I also shortened the dress length about 4 or 5 inches (I just went up to the first “tuck” line for one of the other makes). Adorability the Nugget has in spades, but graceful she is not. I’m hoping to avoid tripping issues.

Sewing up went alright- I avoided too much puckering of the slippery-ass fabric by pinning within an inch of my life and using newspaper to stabilize the fabric.  It had worked when I made my Jem costume for Halloween last year, so I was happy with the decent results I’ve gotten so far.

It’s going well, but I’ve got to stop for a couple days for a test in Chicago on Tuesday (Boooooo!). Can’t wait to get back going on my sewing when I get back, now that I’ve got projects started!

First Post!

Well, I finally got off my figurative duff (figurative, because I am currently sitting on said duff to type this post) and started my crafty blog. It’s meant to document my learning process, hits and misses, and whatever else I feel like smushing in here. I’ve never used wordpress before, so I’m expecting a lot of silly makes and some glitches before I figure this baby out.

In order to get this baby started off right, I’ve decided to join Karen of Did You Make That?’s  Apronalong!
I’m using a different pattern than Karen- McCall’s M5358, view B. It’s the one with all the ruffles, doncha know. I’ve got some fun cupcake-covered fabric that is just screaming finally to be used. FABRIC, YOUR TIME HAS COME.
I’ve actually got two other projects in the works- one that’s finished and one still in progress. The problem is, they’re gifts for others, and if those others read this, surprise ruined! So they shall have to wait.

My schedule is oftentimes erratic, so I can’t promise to post several times weekly, but I’m hoping for one post a week, even if it’s just a small update on a UFO. What I CAN promise are mediocre projects, crappy photography, and lots of casual swearing. So if anyone besides me is reading this, welcome and thanks for stopping by!

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English: A black kitten at full sun against a white background. Porto Covo, Portugal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please enjoy this random photo of a kitten.

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