Knit and Crochet Blog Week Day 2- Mascot Project


Today’s theme is to think of a mascot project that would fit into the House you’ve chosen. As I chose House Manatee, I needed to troll ravelry for some suitably cuddly manatee projects, because I didn’t know of any offhand.

manateeLook how cute! Also, now you see all my toolbar bookmarks.

Then I looked at etsy for other projects. And then I almost died of Da Cutes, finding this pattern in Eluneth‘s shop. Seriously squee-worthy.

Photo Property of Etsy User Eluneth.

Photo Property of Etsy User Eluneth.

I also think that, given the cuddly, relaxing nature of House Manatee, that anything large, square, and cozy that one could knit whilst curled up on the couch with a book (if you can knit/crochet while reading, which I can’t. Sadface.) or watching a favorite movie, would count. That increases the project options considerably!

What would you craft for your House mascot project?

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