I’m hungry for blood, and also candy.

Woot woot! I finally graduated last Friday! The proof can be seen below, in my ridiculous regalia.

farquaadLord Farquaad himself couldn’t ask for a more velvety hat. It was quite silly.

Underneath all this nonsense I DID finally get to wear the dress I’d been working on for so long! It’s Simplicity’s 2588, the version that is sleevless, uses a neckband, and has the flared skirt.

Y’all, it did NOT go altogether smoothly (as noted from my zipper misadventures.) I still think I’m going to go back and re-do the zipper, but I left it as my MIL finished it, so that it was at least wearable. I learned a bit about fitting with this project- namely, that I don’t know how to do it. I made a muslin and everything, and I still had to take in some bits at the sides and upper-bust. The neckband is also a little too large. If I were to make it again, I’d make a smaller size of neckband and  bust, and grade out to the waist (assuming I can figure out how to do that- I think one uses a french curve for that?) The pleats don’t make the perfect “V” where they’re supposed to meet in the front, but I don’t mind. I think it looks fine, and uh…unique!

I just re-took my measurements right this minute, and I’m a 34 Bust, 30.5 waist (ish- My waist is a little hard to find because I’m kind of straight-up-and-down) and about 38 hips. I think. If I measured them in the right place. I feel like I don’t have that classical hourglass figure that’s marked on the backs of all the pattern envelopes, so picking the right size is a little tricky for me. I’m sure it is for everyone though; I mean, how many of us really have the exact shape on the envelope?

MegansGraduation 190Here I am outside my school; it was in the 50s (F) so I didn’t hang out long. I’m hoping to get better, close-up photos after I re-do the zipper. The wind and drizzle-y weather did a number on my sponge-rolled hair, too. Grumble!

The Hubs picked out the fabric for this, and I’m SO happy with it. It’s a lawn or poplin (can’t remember) Lisette fabric from Joann’s. So lovely. Wrinkles like crazy, but it’s alright- it’s a little harder to see with all the swirly colors. I totes wore my leopard print heels. In retrospect, not a comfortable choice by a LONG shot, but I loved how they looked.

MegansGraduation 185I clearly need to work on my posing for photos- my right arm just hangs there as if I’d had a stroke. Nice. But I needed a wider view so you could see the pretty flowers!

Other than this dress, I haven’t done squat lately. My mojo is just GONE. I cut out a muslin Sorbetto a few days ago, but I haven’t sewn it up yet. The Hubs and I are still house-hunting, I’ve started packing (mostly stuff we don’t use) but the apartment is full of tote bins. I’m in kind of a grumpy place mentally and I just can’t get off my duff to even re-thread my machine. It’s very grumbly-making, because I’ve FINALLY got the time, but not the will.

How do you guys restore your crafty mojo?

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