When I die, I want you to cremate me and throw my ashes in Tom Selleck’s face

EEPS- I’ve actually got finished projects to show off, people! I’m trying to decide how I will spread them out, or if I’ll just go balls-out and do a couple in each post.

Decision made! My super-awesome table runner that I made using Lauren‘s (and her mom’s!) tutorial may just wait until actual holiday season comes around again. Or tomorrow, whatever I feel like, ha. Suffice it to say- it really made the kitchen more holiday-esque, which I really wanted for our first holidays in our new house. I’ll give you a hint about it though- I used fabric with GLITTER on it. And deer! It’s pretty great. Big ups to Lauren and her mom for a great holiday project!

Since I last posted, I’d been working on a quilt for the Nugget- I gave her the first one for her second birthday, I think. Well, on New Year’s Eve, my lil Nug turned into a Big Giant Girl of 6! Time flies, and I weep. *single tear* Originally, she wanted a pink and purple quilt with “fairies and princesses and barbie.” Good gravy, the mere thought almost made me vomit. Can’t my precious darling like dinosaurs, like Auntie MacStabby did in her youth (and still does- let’s be real here.) No? Ok, pink and purple it is. Sorry about the lack of feminism crushing figures, Nugget. (sorrynotsorry.)

I did consent to use her requested colors, since they would match her new “Sophia the First” bedsheets. LSH helped me pick up the fabric- his mom is muy crafty, so he’s actually way better at this than I am, since he’s had more practice while growing up. The choices are, in his words, completely “puke-tastic.” haha. Please forgive the shoddy photos- some of them are from my iPod touch, and others were taken in a flurry when my sis and Nugget came over on Saturday to collect the quilt.


I worked on this baby whilst on my first vacation since starting residency. We went to my in-laws cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. So lovely and quiet. I worked on cutting and sewing and watching pixar/dreamworks movies to my heart’s content (have you seen “Tangled?” GO WATCH TANGLED!), while LSH cut down trees and burned things and whatever else it is that boys like to do in the woods.

Like clear snow off of solar panels with a broom

Like clear snow off of solar panels with a broom

As seen above, I used the “Log Cabin Quilt in a Day” book by Eleanor Burns. I’ve read several of her books (because I read pattern books more often than use them…) but this is my first attempt to try a project from one. Ok, so I definitely didn’t finish this thing in a day, but I got the top almost entirely finished during my vacay (with appropriate breaks for naps and ATV rides.)

Then I needed to make a choice on layout. Luckily, as it was a twin quilt, there are really only two options (besides just randomly placing them)- Fields and Furrows vs Zig-Zag.


Once again, I used the lovely and talented LSH to help me- he liked Fields and Furrows better, because the Zig-Zag pattern seems unfinished and assymetrical on this size quilt. I sewed it up, added a border, and holy smokes- I was so happy with how it looked.
Once back home, I sandwiched that puppy together with the batting. How to finish, though? I considered both tying and machine quilting (and for half-a-second, hand quilting, but I wanted to give this to Nugget before she goes to college.) I ended up deciding to try machine-quilting, which meant a trip to my new (to me) local sewing machine store for a walking foot. I’ve got a Kenmore 6 from the 70s, and these folks really knew their stuff- I now have my very own walking foot! (BTW , I’ve now learned that my Kenmore is a low-shank machine, if any of you also have a similar machine: model 158.12411) I also got her serviced after I finished this project, and she is so happy and clean and smells nice.
Ok, so using it didn’t work the best, and I don’t know if it’s because of the foot itself (probably not) or because of user-error (far more likely.) I had a hard time knowing how fast/slow to let the quilt feed through the feeder-dogs and needle-y area. I essentially did a stitch-in-the-ditch. I’m not totally pleased with the end result, because there are some wrinkly-wonkly areas, but it’s delightfully puke-tastic and perfect for this particular 6 year old nugget.


So. Charming. ;-)

So. Charming. 😉

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. LSH really helped a lot with the color selection, which obviously MAKES the quilt. Also, I can’t recommend Eleanor Burns books enough- she writes with her personality, and really simplifies and makes the project (even cutting!) fun.

In other news- I recently finished my second inpatient month of residency- I survived! Woot! Things are going much better now than they had been- thanks to all of you who offered support in my time of crazypants-ness. 😀 Here’s a shot of my daily affirmation that I put on my computer (with Totoro, of course.)


It’s a Saturnalia Miracle!

And by miracle, of course, I mean that The Nugget’s dress ACTUALLY FITS. WHAT?! But I’m getting ahead of myself…

So, I’m newly returned from a whirlwind adventure in the Twin Cities and to Western States with Mountains, got sick, and have been pooped. Gah! No time for blogging when coughing and sleeping! Anyhoodle, right before we left, I finished knitting my christmas stocking, which is the same one I made for The Hubs earlier this year, but in cream. I added hangy loops when we got back and WAH-LA (as they say on etsy.)

017I used a pattern I found on Ravelry. Both stockings are on my personal Ravelry page. These stockings are my first experiences with stranded knitting, and honestly, it’s not that hard! It takes a little fiddling to figure out how not to have holes when changing colors, but it’s pretty easy. These were a joy to make- important in a hobby, amirite?

Next, onto Nugget’s Birthday Dress, aka I Totally Lucked Out that This Thing Fit, aka I Totally Bit Off More than I Could Chew Here, People. I think I said in a previous post that if it didn’t fit, I wanted to burn it. Prior posts on the subject showed that slippery-ass fabric stinks for newbie sewasauruses like me (term from CationDesigns.) Putting in the zipper was a mess to do and it’s a mess to look at.



Have you ever seen anything as hideous as that? Like I said, I’m a newb, and this project with this fabric was just too ambitious for my current skills. Oh well, on with the show…





Ribbon roses to cover fabric snags/flaws

Ribbon roses to cover fabric snags/flaws

So, with this….thing that I had before me, I was a little nervous. With much trepidation did I wrap and give this….thing to the Nugget. Luckily, she, as an almost 5 year old, adored it.

Look at this cheeser!

Look at this cheeser!

I tried to get pictures of her twirling, but….

Funny, but fail.

Funny, but fail.

It’s kind of hard to corral a young child who just got a giant stack of presents from her grandparents, even if it is to take a photo of her in her birthday dress whilst twirling (she’s a New Year’s bebe.) Everytime the flash went off, she’d take off back to the living room to her pile of loot, haha.

Anywho, it’s certainly not a grand success, but not quite a failure either.

In other news, I won a Pattern Pyramid giveaway from CharmofMagpies, woot! She’s located in NZ, so whenever my goodies get here, I’ll host my own! (and probably add a pattern from my stash that I’m clearly never going to use.) Thanks, Joy! I hope she got my email… 🙂

In OTHER other news, I got two great gifts related to crafting for Christmas.  Sew U Home Stretch by Wendy Mullin was from my BIL, and my dearest Hubs gave me a pair of Gingher dressmaking shears (for lefties!) Pretty stoked about these two gifts! I also got some video games, nail polish, and the game Cards Against Humanity. Pretty awesome Christmas!

Coming soon- the gift I made for the Hubs for Christmas, and one of our Christmas traditions (late- I wanted to post during my trip, but I was just too busy!)

Hope everyone is have a lovely end-of-the-year!

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Have you ever HAD skittles? They’re, like, pure sugar!

Work on the Nugget’s dress moves apace. I’m actually almost finished with it- it’s far from perfect, but I think the Nugget will enjoy it. The zipper is in, the inside is completed. I’m just working on some finishing details, including…`Ribbon Roses! Sorry the rose is off-center in the photo. I’m still working on my photography skills….and this thing rolled around a lot. I used this tutorial on youtube- it’s not so hard! It’s not perfect, but I think it’s pretty cute. I’m going to put them on the bodice, near the straps. The pattern has pieces in it so you can make your own flowers from the fabric, but I bought a roll of this here plummy ribbon to put on the hem of the overskirt. There’s plenty left, and the color looks good with the dress, so I decided to see if I could do something with it. Woot! I plan to make a few different sizes and play around with arrangements.

AND NOW, what I’ve been waiting to reveal- the awesome potholder I made for my friend Marni (aka The Doctor <like from Star Trek: Voyager.>) She made me a very awesome bracelet and matching earrings a while back, so I decided to do something Star-Trek related for her (we are part of a small group of uber-nerds who REALLY enjoy Voyager, and we have all taken on a Voyager character’s name. I’m B’Elanna, as decided by The Doctor and Neelix, because my nickname MacStabby makes me sound tough. 😉  ) I decided on this potholder I found on ravelry, and I made it in the Doctor’s uniform colors of blue-ish greeny and black. It can be seen on my ravelry page as well.

Mr. Bojangles is helping to show off the potholder.

This was my first attempt with double-knitting. I had to frog it after I was about 8 rows in and start over, because I had some mistakes. After that, though, it finally *clicked* about how to switch the colors back and forth. Once I figured it out, no big deal! Easy peasy!

The reverse side

Have you tried anything new lately?

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I like to think of myself as a cheetah…A law enforcement cheetah.

So, YAY, my friends got the baby gift I sent to them! Woot woot! I made Cody and Eric’s little potato a baby blanket inspired by Handmade Jane‘s baby blanket. I used flannel on both sides, instead of fleece on one, because fleece is made from recycled plastic and doesn’t breathe- just fine if baby is supervised, but this way is a little safer in case baby gets wrapped up for sleep at night. I also added a satin blanket binding- I biffed the last corner because I didn’t watch the complete tutorial– D’oh! Sorry, Cody and Eric’s potato! (They don’t call him that, but I do. I think it’s cute.)


I got all the materials at Joann’s- the front is a quilt-look duck and stripes print, the back is green crossy-check things (technical term.) I’m hoping baby will love it! Hopefully he’ll drag it all around behind him, sleep with it, and drool and puke all over it. Ultimate in babe love!

In other news, Nugget’s dress is going ok! I think I need a new zipper- I purchased a baby pink one, but it won’t work because the fabric is more purple-y than I remember. Not too much more to do until it’s finished! Eek, excitement! If it doesn’t fit her, I’ll just explode.

In other-other news, two friends of mine and I are having a crafty party tomorrow evening! Shall I work on my apron for the Apronalong, Nugget’s dress, or continue on with my Mustard Love 1930s sweater? SO MANY OPTIONS.

The Hubs is out of town this week for work, meaning I get to eat much shittier food than normal and watch crappy TV that he wouldn’t tolerate. What do you like to do when your SO is out of town?

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Verily, I do believe that Satin must be the Devil’s own creation

Working on Nugget’s dress for the past couple of days and HOLY CRAP that satin shreds. I had no idea. Perhaps I should have, but as a n00b, I can’t be expected to know it all just yet. But YIKES.Image

Like, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? There is no way to stop it. No way the frays can be contained. It’s a damn nightmare! SO, I guess next time Nugget wants a dress, I’ll let her have the flannel Princess and the Frog fabric that she picks.

This fabric is the WORST.

I also had what I’m referring to as a “series of misadventures” regarding the bodice. I got done, saw the left strap was “stuck” in the seam due to a pinning/sewing error, and picked it out. It took forever! The unpicking is a large part of the reason the top edges are so frazzled. Anyhoodle, I get done fixing the left strap, and notice it’s longer than the right. Well, I shorten it to match. THEN, and ONLY THEN, do I notice that the right strap is also stuck in the seam, and has been since the beginning. Insert Charlie Brown-style “ARGH”…..*here.* So I fix that one, but now the straps may be too short. At this point,  I’m just going to see how it goes, and if they’re too short, I’ll remove them and use ribbons to make the top a halter-style tie. INVENTIONISM.

Have also finished my top-secret project for a friend, so now I just need to mail it so she gets it so I can show it off. Kapowza!

Till next time…:-D

Apron and Birthday Confection

Woot! I actually got some stuff done this weekend. HOLLER. I cut out my fabric for the Apronalong….

Cupcake-covered fabric

And also bought the pattern and fabric for my niece (The Nugget)’s birthday dress. Luckily, she’s a New Year’s baby, so I’ve got loads of time. I decided to cut out the pieces and start working on the bodice today, taking advantage of some time at my in-laws’ to use my MIL’s really nice cutting table. Here’s the fabric pre-cutting:

Waterfall satin- light pink to dark. Purple, sparkly-ish….something.

Nugget picked the fabric. I’m calling it “Nugget’s Barbie Fantasy: MacStabby’s Barbie Nightmare,” haha. I’ll be using Simplicity’s 2463. As I said, I started working on the bodice (no photos because light is fading). I’m hoping it will work out alright- she’s a strange size so I’ll have to do some alterations, eeks! My sister and I measured her at the craft store, and she’s a size 3 around and a size 5 tall. No wonder my sister can never find clothes to fit her! Well, I cut out all the pieces for a size 5, and sewed the bodice and lining up. They looked enormous, so I took in all the seams 1/4″, for an inch total. I’m hoping that will be enough, if she grows a little bit before her birthday. I also shortened the dress length about 4 or 5 inches (I just went up to the first “tuck” line for one of the other makes). Adorability the Nugget has in spades, but graceful she is not. I’m hoping to avoid tripping issues.

Sewing up went alright- I avoided too much puckering of the slippery-ass fabric by pinning within an inch of my life and using newspaper to stabilize the fabric.  It had worked when I made my Jem costume for Halloween last year, so I was happy with the decent results I’ve gotten so far.

It’s going well, but I’ve got to stop for a couple days for a test in Chicago on Tuesday (Boooooo!). Can’t wait to get back going on my sewing when I get back, now that I’ve got projects started!