Pattern Pyramid Winner!


Hello everyone! I’ve put everyone’s names into a spreadsheet according to when you put in your entry, and put THOSE numbers into a random number generator. I can’t do screen grabs, because of I don’t know how- but the winner is….

DEBBIE of Sew I think I Can Sew! I was happy that Debbie won fair and square, because in her entry she said she hasn’t won a PP yet, but keeps trying. Debbie, your ship of dubiously styled patterns has come in! 😀 Keep an eye on your blog for a comment about where to reach me!

I just want to give a quick shout-out to both Sonja of GingerMakes and Karen of DidYouMakeThat?– they both linked to me on their blogs recently, and sent a TON of traffic this way. I’d never have had so many entries to my lil Pattern Pyramid without their help! I’ve also gotten a bunch of new blogs to follow, so THANK YOU to both of them! 🙂 Most of the people here were sent from their sites, but if you haven’t been, GO. They’re both super skilled, adorably funny, and I want to drink cocktails with them in real life.

I was so sorry to only be able to pick one winner, but let’s all just keep in mind-

winnerSome FO’s coming soon, as soon as I take pictures. Thanks again to everyone for joining the Pattern Pyramid- I never dreamed I’d have so much traffic to my humble little blog for this! And thanks for all the reading suggestions!


Pattern Pyramid! aka I Love Games that Turn People Against Each Other

Heya Everyone! Pattern Pyramid time is here! As I’ve mentioned previously, I won a Pattern Pyramid from Joy at acharmofmagpies. If you haven’t been to her blog, go! She makes awesome dresses for dancing that are CRAMAZING.

She sent me a bundle chock-full of amazing awesomeness!

So Pretty!

So Pretty!

She wrapped it in wrapping paper INSIDE of the brown mailing paper! She included a sweet note- apparently, this flower on the paper is called “pohutukawa,” which I will never be able to pronounce. It blooms bright red at Christmas, and is a native NZ plant. Groovy!

So much Stuff!

So much Stuff!

The chocolate is a classic NZ style- The Hubs keeps calling it his “hockey” chocolate, because he is both awesome and hilarious.

This pretty little number is staying with me-



And here are the rest of the “lovelies” from Joy!-

026 024 023 022I’ve also added two patterns of my own-027Frankly, I don’t know what I was thinking with these. I did use the pajama one once to make something for my sister, but the one on the right? I guess it’d be good for, like, a Pat Benetar Halloween costume or something…

Anywho, on to Teh Rulez!

1) You must have a blog in order to enter, so that you can host your own Pattern Pyramid if you win. Also, please say something like “Yes, Please!” or “I’m in!” so I know you’re entering and not just commenting. I’m easily confused, so let’s make this as un-difficult as possible.

2) That’s pretty much it. I will ship to anywhere in the world.

3) BUT- tell me what book you are reading/planning on reading in the near future: I need some ideas for while I’m on vacation!

4) This giveaway will run from today, January 6, to next Sunday, January 13. If no one enters, (I know I’ve got a small readership), I’ll just hold on to them for now and try again in a couple of months.

Good luck! And here are some photos of Mr. Bojangles playing with the paper. Please ignore the enormous stain on the carpet- it was a cat-astrophe that absolutely refuses to be removed.

011 012

Yes, it's stuck on his head.

Yes, it’s stuck on his head.

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