Go get me more snork juice!

Hello all! Not much to report here; I’m just packing up and getting ready for my away rotation in Belize. I’ve done a bit of sewing this week on my pencil skirt, but not a lot. Just some small detail-type stuff.

I put bias tape on all the seams to finish them up; this fabric is ravelly (how do I keep choosing stuff that unravels?), so this keeps it nice and tucked it. It’ll be hidden by the lining I put in, but I like knowing that the inside will be finished well…or as well as I can do it haha.


This is the back of the skirt; I even did the seams on the vent, just in case.  I’m really please at how it looks with all the seams done up.

027Since I took this photo, I’ve added the zipper and basted the waistband. I feel like the fit is decent, but I think if I make it again, I’ll switch to a center-back zip. That will make it easier to adjust the fit at the sides if I need to.

This is probably going to be my only post until the end of February, so I hope everyone who comes doesn’t forget about me. 🙂 I’ve got a post in the works that I’m planning to save, but internet access is a little sketchy where I’m going, so I may not get to pop in and hit “publish.”

I’m going to have a huge backlog of stuff to read when I get back, and I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with during the month!

In closing, here is a photo of Mr. Bojangles, looks rather pensive.

031 - CopyEveryone have a great month!