Ugh, two months almost since my last post. Residency is barely conducive to crafting so far, and even less conducive to blogging. AND I missed my first blogiversary sometime in October. Oops. I had grand plans for some kind of giveaway. Clearly, those plans are on hold for now. Ah well. Free stuff is better late than never, right?

This latest project is something I started before we moved, and, per usual, got bored with after the most fun parts were finished. I had, like, two words left to do, and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Oh Tina Belcher, you deserve better.


If you’ve not seen Bob’s Burgers, this won’t seem as awesome to you as it should. So correct that by immediately watching all of the Bob’s Burgers you can get your grubby mitts on.

This little peach was mailed to my friend from med school who moved back to California for residency. She’s the only one I know who loves this show as much as I do (and in fact, she introduced me to it! Thanks, Mai!)

Finishing this project re-kindled my interest in cross-stitching, so I started another immediately after I framed this one. It’s going to be for the Nugget, but I haven’t made much progress. My shoulders are always tight as shit when I get home from work (I’m doing inpatient pediatrics and the days are looooooong) so I haven’t felt like hunching over cross-stitch when I get home.
Actually, I haven’t felt like doing much- mostly just lying on the floor until I get up and go lie in bed to fall asleep. Such is the life of a resident. Also, I’m starting on nights for the first time ever this week, eeps! Wish me luck and that nobody crumps!

In house news, this is the first photo I’ve gotten of my crafty room since it’s semi-completion. I mostly just need to clean up a bit and organize, but for all intents and purposes, it’s done.


Yes, that IS a cat-of-the-day calendar, courtesy of my cousin. She gets me the best cat stuff (including a shrieking cat pen and a “field guide to cat butts” pencil case.) The melty-crayon art was made by the Nugget- she and my sister had made one for her room, and I knew I wanted one for my crafty room after we moved into the house!

Nugget art

She is so cute I could just explode. She started kindergarten this year *single tear*.

Anywho, I’ve got one more project to show in the next little bit so hopefully it won’t be two more months until I post again, ha.

What have you been working on? AND HAVE YOU WATCHED BOB’S BURGERS YET?!