Confessions of A Stubborn and Impatient Sewasaurus

Well folks, I bit it today. I was working merrily along on my graduation dress, and was to the point where I needed to insert the zipper. Zippers are my nemesis, so I watched Sunni‘s tutorial on different zipper applications on Craftsy. Today, we went up to my MIL’s so she could help me a little with fitting- I wanted to make sure the regular 5/8″ seam allowance would give me a good fit. It did, so I went to work, patiently (at this point) measuring, pinning, and ironing the seam allowance. I attempted to apply Steam-a-Seam, as noted in the tutorial…it did NOT go well. I couldn’t get it to stick down initially, and then had a hard time lining up the zipper on it. I’m sure this is ALL user error, and has nothing to do with Sunni’s tutorial. It’s partly my own fault for trying a completely new way to get a zipper in, from memory, on a make I really wanted to go well. It only sort-of stuck the zipper to the dress, and I had a mini-meltdown. I took a short break, ate lunch, and prepared to get back to work. I got done with the first side of the zipper, pulled it out of the machine and noticed…


Somehow, the bodice had gotten all bunched up before I sewed in the zip (I clearly didn’t shake the dress out enough, probably due to fear that the zipper would fall off), so the bodice was sewed clear across. I burst into tears, thinking I’d ruined this dress I’d spent AGES on already, and went upstairs to ugly-cry in a spare bedroom. Clearly, I was done for the day! My MIL, being a saint, ripped all the stitches out, and then put the zipper in for me. Because she is a SAINT (who sometimes drives me a little crazy, but still. SAINTLY.) So, this is not an entirely “me-made” garment- there is tag-teaming involved. All I need to do now is finish the seams and hem.

I’m both impatient, which leads me to working fast sometimes when I should really take my time, and stubborn, which leads to continuing to work when I really just need to take a damn break. These are two ingredients in a recipe for a brilliantly baked catastrophe. Thankfully, as I said, my MIL saved the day. I was convinced that I’d ruined the dress forever, and that  it would be a wadder, sitting in a Pile of Shame to taunt me till the end of time.

How do you deal with projects not going well? With grace and aplomb, calming going back and fixing mistakes? Or like me- tantrums, snot-crying, and hiding from the problem?

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