All my life, I’ve had one dream: to achieve my many goals.

Hey hey, err’ybody! Once again I fell off the face of the planet because work. I finally got my last finished object, a hat for Beks, to her in the mail. However, I mailed it to her LAST ADDRESS, boo. So it took roughly two months to get to her, which I think is long even for mail from US to Australia.  Sorry, Beks!

Anyhoodle, this is the Striped Light Stashbuster Hat– a free ravelry pattern. I was looking for something to make for Beks’ birthday. She’s a Vikings fan (something I do NOT understand because she lives in a country where football is called rugby), so I found a nice stripey hat that is amenable to sports-team colors. Strangely, her man-friend likes the Bears for some reason- they managed to pick the two teams around mine (Green Bay, not that I really understand most rules about football…GO SPORTS.) Luckily, as I’ve not met He Who Fishes, even online, there is no sense of obligation to make him one (unlike poor Michelle, who made Bears Zoobas for her siblings. What a gal!)

Here’s the finished product.



I used Cascade 220, which is my new favorite yarn ever.  I used it on the Meret hat I made for my sister as well, and it’s just so lovely. Using these colors did burn my fingers like fire, but I powered through.

I have no idea why this photo is so big, but I can’t change it. Sorry.


I really like the swirly effect on the crown. It adds a little visual interest to an otherwise blank area.

This was a fun and easy make. Unfortunately, it got to Beks as they were getting towards their summer season, so it’s pretty much going to be too hot to wear until next July.  Hemispheric differences in seasons are so inconvenient!

What have you made for friends lately? Or do you prefer crafting for yourself due to the time involved?






















6 thoughts on “All my life, I’ve had one dream: to achieve my many goals.

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  2. See part 2 here!

    Also football here is Aussie Rules – it’s Rugby on the East Coast and occasionally Soccer in other places.
    Actually Football can be Aussie Rules, Rugby League, Rugby Union or Soccer depending on what part of Australia you’re in. But no where is it Grid Iron or American Football. Although there is one oval here that does American Football – actually my brother in law played for 2 games before quitting. It’s mostly watched on ESPN. GO SPORTS!

  3. It was supposed to be KS3506, but I stuck with the TNT KS3422 instead. Too lazy and too little time to finish them, I’m sad to say. (note: his birthday passed, they still aren’t quite finished…*hangs head in shame*)

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